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  1. As far as my opinion goes, Goblin Glider should be allowed in things such as battlegrounds, as you do not receive rating for random ones, whereas rated has stricter rules. Even with that opinion, Goblin Glider's should not and ARE NOT allowed to be used whilst carrying a flag, and should drop the flag upon use. If they do/did not, as Titan said, please report the player as soon as possible, as that is bug exploiting. As far as Explosive Shot goes, I see that it only crit for 51k once. This only hit this hard due to a critical, also, there is a possibility that he could have had a trinket proc or an on-use that increases his Agility stat. I assume this because there was only one time where it hit you upwards of 50k. I know I repeated some of the things that were already said, but this was just my two cents. Also, please, do your best to respond to all members of the moderation. They are here to help you and they do a very good job at it. I am sure he meant no harm in what he said. It was merely an opinion. And, on the topic of people abusing said bugs? They kind of deserve what they have coming. If a bug is found, it should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be reported at the earliest convenience, and not exploited. If we find out that it was exploited further after the report, or without a report, it will get you in deeper trouble than it would have been. Kind Regards, Trial Game Master Synaptic
  2. Hello there! Thank you for your report! From what I've seen, Death From Above works properly for Assassination. Although, you may see something different. Are you able to be more specific on the issue you are having with the ability? Kind Regards, Trial Game Master Synaptic
  3. This is a good idea. Might I suggest posting it in the "Suggestions" tab? Here is a link if you would like! Kind Regards, Trial Game Master Synaptic