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  1. Getting class mounts from Magetower is NOT Blizzlike And have to be fixed like what the heck its too hard with current gear and the fact that class mounts drop from it is just Stupid. thx.
  2. Play feral
  3. The Basillisk Honor Talent dosent even work like the basillisk does 4k damage...
  4. you just cant do that.
  5. Savage
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. All of the MoP / WoD instances and Raids are broken since luanch and you did nothing about it.
  8. yeah and what to do with them??? the shop is letteraly pay to earn....people has like 3k points and didnt find anything to do with them !!!!
  9. Not everyone have Discord.... i almost had a heart attack... next time pls announce on server !