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  1. Really sorry but as far as I can tell MM and SV hunters damage is alright. You as a warrior can hit over 100k with several abilities and yet you can't accept that a chimaera shot hits for 100k...? Check retail damage then.
  2. For Gul'dan the explanation is quite simple. If you enter an arena/skirmish/battleground, then world channels are bugged until you log off and back on. Once you've gone to a Pvp area, you can't leave the world channels and can't write on them, it will say "not on channel".
  3. I don't think that will be possible, unfortunately. Unless you get extra lucky. Be careful next time you spend your points
  4. You have to level up, but it's x5.
  5. That's why you should have played the game instead of boosting your toon. Now, either you go to places lower than your lvl to get a bit of gear, or you buy gear on the shop. You're trapped
  6. It has already happened to me, emptied cache folder, ported in and out of garrison... I played another toon for a bit and when I came back, so was my garrison. I don't what made it come back, but it will be back, don't worry
  7. Probably because it's not a fun server. And also people are paying lots Tmogs on shop so Firestorm has nothing to earn by doing that.