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  1. Hello everyone, Is there a way to know the Timer for the Legion Assaults ? Or Is it related to the Retail's Legion Assault Timer ?
  2. Hello, I don't really know what to do with this, I keep Log in and the page just Stop right at the 80%, Tried with all the characters. First, I had the 7.1.5 so I did all the methods to upgrade to 7.3.5, Downloaded the patch and replace etc, and same problem happened, it just stops at 80%. I deleted all the files, and took the Officiel Data and stuff and downloaded the Patch 7.3.5 again and tried, same Problem I downloaded the FULL game 7.3.5 From Firestorm 48GB.. And Same problem I even tried Log in with another Account and nothing I thought maybe the problem from my computer, but no, I went to Log in the Officiel and it went all good (On the Officiel, Not Firestorm) This is the image :