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  1. Greetings Floofyy, Thank you for contacting Technical Support, Make sure the game is not is use by an other program. If you downloaded the game it via torrent move your game into an other drive in your computer. Do not put your game files on an system protected folder. Make sure your game and related files are not blocked by your antivirus or secutiry applications. Right click on your game folder, then choose Properties (or simply press [Alt]+[Enter]). Now properties window appears, in the bottom of window uncheck (remove the mark) the “Read-only” option and click on “OK” and “choose apply this change for this folder, subfolders and files”, then press “OK” again. Open your "Folder Options", go to “View” tab and put dot in front of "Show hidden files and folders" and apply. After that go to drive C, open ProgramData folder. Delete or rename "Blizzard Entertainment" folder(If the folder exists). Get CCleaner or an other registry cleaner tool and try cleaning your registry. Go into your game directory and try clearing your Cache and WTF folder inside of the world of warcraft folder(You can rename those folders too). Uninstall Firestorm official launcher and re-Install it again. Open the Firestorm official launcher, choose the expansion and locate the game, select “Settings”, then “Analyze and repair”, wait for the repairing and click on “Play” button. If the problem is not solved yet, try creating an other user account(With administrator rights) in your computer and run the game in your new user account you made. Regards, Trial Game Master Gelldor.