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  1. Try waiting a couple days and see if the Loot Box appears. If the Loot Box hasn't appeared by then, open a shop ticket here
  2. If the portal from Un'goro Crater/Boats to Northrend aren't working, i'm happy to provide a mage portal to Northrend Dalaran for whoever needs it. My Alliance mage is Alasanya. My Horde mage is Xaldyra. Just need to know your faction so i'll be able to login with the right character.
  3. Loyalty points are used to buy stuff from the shop. Link: Gear boxes, mounts etc. If you look at the different items on the shop, you'll see some of them say the following as an example: 200 or 20 The ones that have a silver coin with an F in the middle can be bought with loyalty points.
  4. The mod no longer works as it was only for 7.1.5.
  5. Send @Inveric a PM here on the forum.
  6. Why do you want more P2W exactly? Why not just grind for the gear like any normal player?
  7. Make a new level 1 character (Don't try it with an Allied Race character. Won't work since they're at level 20). You'll find him not far from where you zone in in your characters starting zone (I believe Boris is in Orgrimmar & Stormwind as well). Can't miss the big Tauren riding his big Rooster.
  8. I doubt it. You can try sending a PM to one of the staff here on the forum or ask in Discord. Just don't be surprised if they say no.
  9. This is false. A level 70 character is required in order to create a Demon Hunter. @Rizlah Make a Death Knight and level it from 55 to 70 and the Demon Hunter will unlock for you.
  10. By playing the game. See for more info.
  11. Step 1. Go to the shop here: Step 2. Select the realm the character is on then choose the character you wish to Faction Change Step 3. Select "Manage Your Character" then "Faction Change" (300 Silver Points or 50 Gold Points)
  12. Step 1. Go to where you have Legion installed. Step 2. Open the WTF folder then open in Notepad. Step 3. Change SET textLocale & SET audioLocale to the following: SET textLocale "deDE" SET audioLocale "deDE" Step 4. Profit???
  13. Use the unstuck feature on your account via the website (Not the forum).