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  1. You don't need the launcher if you have the full client from the torrent. Simply unzip and play.
  2. Either take the portal to Ashran from the Portal Room in the Stormwind Mage Tower or head over to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands and speak to Archmage Khadgar to begin the questline that'll take you to Draenor.
  3. Try unstucking via your account on the website (Not the forum). Make sure you're logged out before you do.
  4. If i'm not mistaken, 10.82 and 10.87 are only compatible with patch 8.0.1. I've uploaded Elvui 11.14 (Patch 8.2) that i snagged from another site to mediafire. Check the link below. Link:
  5. If it makes it any easier, i'll login with one of my 100+ characters and help get you to level 98. I just need to know which faction/character you'll be logged in with.
  6. You MUST level a fresh character manually to level 110 (no boosting, race or faction changing, recruit-a-friend service). If the first character was leveled without using any of the aforementioned, go back to the place where you first started (Telogrus Rift for Void Elves) and talk to the NPC that gave you the quest that takes you to your factions capital city (Alleria Windrunner). If that doesn't work, make a ticket ingame so a staff member can assist you.
  8. Starting zones for Non Allied Races or your factions capital city near the Hero's Call Board in the Trade District (Stormwind) or to your right when standing in front of the Grommash Hold entrance in The Valley of Strength (Orgrimmar).
  9. If you already boosted a toon on the Ally side then you won't be able to boost another character on that same account. It's one boost per account.
  10. Allied Races still can't be boosted to my knowledge. Should still be level 10 and under characters that can be boosted.
  11. Can you provide a screenshot of the error message?
  12. Short answer: You can't. Legion and BFA are separate expansions. According to the copy of the full BFA client i have saved on my SSD, it's 51.3 Gigabytes. You can get either the minimal client or the full client here or just use the launcher. You will need a torrent client if you're gonna download the full client.
  13. If an in-game ticket doesn't work, i can provide a portal to Northrend Dalaran. For Horde, my mage is Xaldyra. For Alliance, my mage is Alasanya.
  14. Gold Gold limitation is indeed 10k gold per character. We have some limitations applied to prevent exploits. Our goal is to avoid Sylvanas’s huge inflation to also switch to Sethraliss.