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  1. Short answer: You can't. Legion and BFA are separate expansions. According to the copy of the full BFA client i have saved on my SSD, it's 51.3 Gigabytes. You can get either the minimal client or the full client here or just use the launcher. You will need a torrent client if you're gonna download the full client.
  2. If an in-game ticket doesn't work, i can provide a portal to Northrend Dalaran. For Horde, my mage is Xaldyra. For Alliance, my mage is Alasanya.
  3. Gold Gold limitation is indeed 10k gold per character. We have some limitations applied to prevent exploits. Our goal is to avoid Sylvanas’s huge inflation to also switch to Sethraliss.
  4. That would be a no. I personally don't bother with any damage meter addons. Still, you could give Details a try and see how it goes for you. Link:
  5. Please use the correct appeal process to discuss this. Link:
  6. Elvui 10.82 has been working for me on BFA. No issues that i've seen. I've also uploaded Elvui 10.87 to Mega as well in case anyone wants to try that version out (Haven't tested 10.87 since i'm using 10.82). Links below. 10.82:!qjpDFQ7A!BUeePPQ9oRTy58V1_ysjdhNs87lP-Ww0mQnLyOQc_Jw 10.87:!XyxnBYaS!UvTbjGUV7uApQQjWeNMPqHEnwgR2DjE--OworrdnOMg
  7. Yes. You need a level 70 character to unlock the Demon Hunter class.
  8. Keep an eye on the email address that you used to register your account for a mail containing your Beta Key. The staff are selecting players in waves for Closed Beta. Don't worry if you don't get a key for Closed Beta. There's still Open Beta where anyone will be able to participate when it does arrive.
  9. then click on the "Register" button under the section labeled "Battle for Azeroth beta registering" and pray you get a Beta key.
  10. Discussing staff member decisions is prohibited as per the forum rules. Link:
  11. Try waiting a couple days and see if the Loot Box appears. If the Loot Box hasn't appeared by then, open a shop ticket here
  12. If the portal from Un'goro Crater/Boats to Northrend aren't working, i'm happy to provide a mage portal to Northrend Dalaran for whoever needs it. My Alliance mage is Alasanya. My Horde mage is Xaldyra. Just need to know your faction so i'll be able to login with the right character.
  13. Loyalty points are used to buy stuff from the shop. Link: Gear boxes, mounts etc. If you look at the different items on the shop, you'll see some of them say the following as an example: 200 or 20 The ones that have a silver coin with an F in the middle can be bought with loyalty points.
  14. The mod no longer works as it was only for 7.1.5.