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  1. You are amazing! Thank you for making this guide. Oh and that music is perfect
  2. Windows pc i'm assuming? If you like i can take a look via teamviewer (It's a program that lets me have remote access to your pc).
  3. In my experience there's a fair amount of strictness on this server. In fairness though i agree there needs to be a rule about toxicity/rudeness. Of course that is a line one should tread carefully. The example you gave (As quoted in this comment) is probably something you just want to /ignore the person even though the "sucker" part is a bit extreme. It really depends on a multitude of factors such as the context in which it was said.
  4. Greetings Hexton, Here's a good explanation from a user on Reddit of the difference between the minimal and full clients (User is talking about MoP but the concept is the same) Cheers, Shalaya
  5. sylvanas

    Saludos secos, Si entiendo el problema correctamente, tienes problemas con los cambios en los enlaces de teclado, etc., que no se guardan. Si es así, intente lo siguiente ... Haga clic con el botón derecho en la carpeta Legión y seleccione Propiedades y desactive "solo lectura", luego haga clic en Aceptar y nuevamente en Aceptar. Después de eso, ingrese la carpeta y elimine la carpeta de caché y un archivo llamado "" en su carpeta wow principal y en su carpeta WTF. Descargue el archivo WTF a través del siguiente enlace y colóquelo en la carpeta WTF. Enlace: Aclamaciones, Shalaya
  7. Seriously though be patient. You aren't the only player needing help young padawan.
  8. Greetings GOLDEN, Please use the following realmlist for WoD: SET portal "" Cheers, Shalaya
  9. Greetings Red, Please open a shop ticket here Cheers, Shalaya
  10. I'm assuming this is when one tries to change realms. If so then it's the same problem i'm having.
  11. Just an FYI, the link isn't working (Or maybe its just me idk). Clicking on it redirects me to
  12. Greetings MPP, You can buy account bound gear (I.E Heirloom gear) for Silver FS points or Gold FS points via the shop linked below. You can earn Silver FS points via ingame activities although that is a more expensive option (140 points per each piece of gear) or you can buy that same gear for 30 Gold FS points per piece (You buy gold points with real money as an FYI). Shop Link: Link to buy gold points:
  13. @Alan Are you able to answer this question?
  14. According to the policies and guidelines (Link and quote below) Firestorm staff will not assist in recovering the account. I can't say for certain that you could try and recover the account on your own but given that the email/password was changed i would say you're out of luck. Link: Quote: - Account security, responsibility and ownership. The creator of the account is responsible for anything that happens or happened to the account. Do NOT share your account information as any violation found on the account is punished accordingly, whether it was you or anyone else. Firestorm cannot be taken responsible for the tampering, hacking or unauthorized acces of your account. We recommend that you keep all your account information for yourself, such as: Account name, password, email and your secret question/answer. We do not provide (manual) assistance on the following matters: Forgot the password of your account. No access to your email, we do not change your email or password under any circumstances. Account theft; scammed or hacked. Account sharing and the other member takes over. Account trading; also a violation of our Rules and Regulations. Websites that steal your account credentials.
  15. So why didn't you just start a new character or wait for Boris? Honest question. As an FYI (See rule below) Account trading: Attempting to exchange your account is forbidden, this to avoid scams and such. Punishment: 30 days account suspension. Note: Never give your account information to anyone, if someone attempts to persuade you into giving them your account information, report them immediately. Perhaps this will be a valuable lesson should NEVER trade your account. Just being honest with you.