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  1. Night Hold incoming?
  2. Id like to know the reason of a pvp realm being released over that having Sylvanas turn pvp and focus on fixing the classes rarther then creating a new server which listen carefully here:You are gonna devide the pvp players and pve players now see why this is a problem pvp stufff like arenas and BGs will never pop if you have a realm for pvp only and i know that many players will go to Greymane because they dont like the grind so they gonna get the charecter all done and only pvp?Pve players also probably will like to have some pvp sometimes but pvp will probably slowly die off and logn que times for arenas and BGs will acure so Sylvanas is gonna be left with the pve aspects and low pvp content and willl be like the server to only go to if you wanted to do some raids or dungeons make Sylvanas pvp and fix the classes some ppl willl hardly disagree with me here.
  3. Yeah if you have the Stormheim world quests you get the rep for the valajar from them?
  4. Does this mean Nithogg will spawn which means you can get his skull,Sharthoses skull and the Haft of the god king from God-king Skovald from Hov you should be able to combine them to make the Dragonslayers not buy them from the shop if you feel me.