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  1. Hes a moderator, watch your language. Actually, kindly dont reply to my threads if youre going to bash people. Sound fair?
  2. This was confirmed as a valid bug report as of 2/2017 Should i file a player report? Could the moderation staff make a topic regarding situational bug related rules? Like not using Glider with a flag or youll be punished as per rules? Some people may not know its a bug, so reporting them for it seems kinda unfair. However, if the information is freely available, theres no excuse. Reading the threads regarding rules is a requirement for playing this server, right? Whats the deal with Explosive Shot? Is there any way for it to be reviewed and hopefully brought down to proper scaling? Seems to work fine outside of instanced PVP. Sorry for the double posts. Edit timer is only15 minutes and sometimes it takes me longer to track down info than i thought.
  3. Upon further research, goblin glider's are not supposed to be usable while carrying the flag.
  4. Theres an example of the explosive shot damage
  5. Goblin Glider kits making Warsong Gulch trivial due to going from opposing base to 3/4 the way to yours and being out of range of any class for the vast majority of that time. Please disable those in WSG. If you need to disable them in general in BGs, oh well. We all know there are many people who dont speak English on the server, and those who do nothing but fight in mid. I cant instruct people who dont speak English, i only know English. The other part is just bad players being bad. Explosive shot critting for 53k. Working on getting images for that. Its a complain ive also seen in outside of Stormwind. Im not the only one whos been on the receiving end. Theres a few hunters who seem to only play survival just to abuse that. 477K potential damage from lock and load is absurd. Want evidence for how it is supposed to work? Watch retail WoD Surv PVP videos. At 740 with PVE trinkets, i had difficulty reaching 35k with the stars aligning. Death from Above is supposed to make you immune to CC until the Eviscerate/Envenom occurs. Ive been getting death gripped, feared, storm bolted, etc, out of it alot. If its not possible to make it work, please buff eviscerate to somewhere between where it is, and the 50% bonus from DFA. Maybe 15-25% somewhere in there. Being unable to hit people whos character models im barely a persons depth away from (about 2 yards if that) or am standing right on top of and told "too far away" is annoying. Please increase the rate of distance checks. If youre using a server emu, its a setting in worldserver.conf