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  1. This server is no fun anymore.. there is no useful pve at all ... Just stand in one place and kill for shards to get gear are just stupid... And you top it by selling legendary on webpage .. you greedy mf'ers ... ruin the whole game.. It take s me 2 days to lvl from 1-110 and get 890 gear.. wow that's fun ... wtf !!!!! Shame on you ...
  2. Sylvanas realm
  3. "It s hard enough to win any random bg on ally" are you funny ??? ally wins 9/10 bg's you should try play on horde side.. And this problem you are talking about is not happening more than once a week..
  4. Title: Please save Battlegrounds Type: In-game Description:  As all know Battlegrounds on this server is depressing if you play as horde. Alliance win 9/10 bg's cause they have much more healers than horde side. A simple solution would be to sett up restrictions on maximum 2 healer in bg. I don't think you care about it, but if you care about the players on horde side at all you do something about it. Cause the system now is not working at all.. And you know it. Please think about the players.. Best Regards from an concerned player that only play Horde side.