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  1. stream

    Thanks to those who watched, I ended up with 2 885's, 220k gold 3.5m artifact exp at AK22. and from 851 to 869. STILL NO LEGENDARY!
  2. stream
  3. stream

    Hey guys! Tonight I'll be opening 120 loot boxes on stream, in approx 5 hours... I'll edit with a link to the stream as soon as I'm ready to do so if anyone is interested! Moley xoxo
  4. 7.2

    Greetings my fellow Firestormonians! Hope all is well, I was wondering if anyone has heard any rumours info regarding an approx release date for 7.2? Moley xoxo
  5. legendary

    Whee, thanks so much for the comments guys, appreciate it, at least now I don't feel like I'm doing something wrong or missed something... Thanks! <3
  6. legendary

    Hey folks, So I think I could be bugged..... Whats your opinion.. I'm 871, I have 33 traits in two weapons.... and 27 in the other I always do my emissary's and I have level 33 in pvp. I've done EN 4 times ish and EN HC once, and many MM5+ (approx 35+) I have 12 days and 16 hours played and I still haven't had a legendary drop... Is it possible I'm bugged and I got skipped over for legendaries? I sent a ticket asking if a GM could invesigate and got .. ''Greetings, legendaries are random drop. Have a great day!", which was about as helpful as a chocolate radiator. Thanks