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  1. Still looking... Itemlvl and traits raised a little but i can't edit the first post Any ideas? Best regards
  2. If you know any guild that might match my criteria please point them out to me Best regards
  3. Hi, as the title says i am looking for a raid guild on Sylvanas. I played here before but paused for a while and now i don't know how many raid guilds are still active on Sylvanas since the release of bfa In worldchat i only saw 2 advertisments from guilds that expect a high ilvl I am looking for a european english (or german) speaking raid guild I have discord and teamspeak. I am a experienced wow player (on and off since Burning Crusade) an a experienced raider but i don't have any experience in Antorus yet. My main is a affliction warlock Itemlevel 925, 2 legendaries, 66 traits, professions are alchemy and herbalism Are there any active guilds that match my criteria and are still looking for members? I appreciate any hints you can give me Best regards
  4. You're welcome, glad i could help. Have a nice pre xmas week. Best regards
  5. I had the same problem with my two other artifact weapons. I "fixed" one by going to the Netherlight Crucible and using the +5 ilvl traits, the other one acted like yours. Relogging and respeccing did not fix it for my third artifact. Unequipping the artifact weapon (put it in your bag) while in the according specc and then relogging and re-equipping it again solved it for me. Best regards
  6. I wasn't able to raid this weekend yet, if i see any (bad) changes i will reply tomorrow. Aim for stats, not ilvl, you are a little bit low on mastery (especially for a spread out target fight) (i'm at 873 and > 130% mastery) Best regards
  7. It would be nice to have some more information on your system settings and hardware to help you. If your fps drop it could be a bug, but it could also be that someting in your pc is limiting your fps (temperature, backround tasks and so on) When your fps are 60+ for a few minutes and drop after that you should monitor your system temperatures first to exclude issues. Best regards
  8. I have the same issue, there are no WQ popping up when i change the zone on the map, if i manually select the worldquest i don't get credit for the objectives. I am using no addon for WQ On my demonhunter a WQ worked after i closed the game completely, on my main it didn't. I noticed many players ingame that have the same issue.
  9. Ok, thank you for your fast reply. Have a nice day. Greetings
  10. Hi, recently i reached 34 traits on my artifact weapon. Now i noticed that only one of my traits is shown with rank 2/3 in the spellbook: All other traits are only 1/3 even the ones supported by the relics: Is that a known bug, a visual bug or a character specific bug? Greetings
  11. Hi, first of all thx for your hard work, i really appreciate it. I am playing affliction and i chose the soul effigy talent, but i have a small problem with it. Every time the soul effigy is active my pet can't be convinced to attack the boss, it only attacks the soul effigy. Is there a way to convince the pet to attack the boss and not the soul effigy? Greetings