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  1. bfa

    Are you sure you want to play bfa? because it seems boring and killing wow, retail is dying and they are trying to find away to revive it by return to wow classic idk. (
  2. Once mythic Tos is open +15 should drop 915 and weekly loot will be 930.
  3. Anyway gl with this bugged class.
  4. Doing 620k stable for 3min on ursoc with 35 trait/876ilvl/1leg is this a joke ?? (yea i up a rerol as affliction lol)
  5. that's why*
  6. Yay you get it because some locks without skills doing much dmg that's with skilled metzi
  7. I mean that trinket carry hard on dps and you play with it so its normal that your dps got down. lul
  8. Well its just the trinket that you play with " Bough of Corruption" got nerfed that's all, nothing changed on affli. :)))
  9. Yea yea can you just let a developer answer if there is something wrong with UA (dot) dmg that's all we need thx. (some locks was doing 520k mono now they are doing 760k np)