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  1. Confirmed. Tried to take single Eternium Thread from my bank and it auctioned normally. Thanks for the tip, man; I would never notice these are actually duplicates. Lets delete sum shiz.
  2. Duplicates? Ha. I was also sent a lot of auctions back, however, these were from a time some 6 months ago when I lost a lot of items due to inbox bug (got empty mails, automatically opened a lot of them, did not get anything back then.) Because there were so many of the lost items, I would not notice now that I am getting the whole round back twice as duplicates. This makes sense. I will try to auction some fresh item I did not get back via mail in the last session. If it works, the cause is clear. Duplicates cannot be entered into the AH.
  3. Just 15 minutes ago, I was able to post into AH normally, now I get Internal auction error when trying to post and cannot post anything. No difference for various stacks, various goods, various posting tabs via addons, no difference for the basic AH window. No settings changed, no addons changed, nothing changed in between. Any tips, please?
  4. a) check which items in AH have nice value b) farm the aforementioned items c) ???? profit
  5. Delete_cache.gif Unstuck_character.jpeg
  6. What you write about does not affect you in any negative way, it does not corrupt your gameplay. You are envious that somebody does have higher virtual number on virtual clothes and you don't. Envy is a malicious emotion and it will eat you alive before you know it.
  7. To sum up: This guy bought Infernal Brimstone (280k) without checking the bugtracker, where the problem with the stone is listed THREE TIMES already. What would you call such a guy? And his solution is: remove everything that is not completely working, i.e., remove all professions altogether.
  8. This always reminds me of my father, who blames "them fu**ers" every time our thermostat stops heating rooms because it is already too hot in the rooms or because the radiators are too hot and need to cool off. No amount of explaining helps this universtiy-educated engineer to understand that there is no allmighty "them" causing his problems. Humans...
  9. Aight, I will stahp. Sorrieh.
  10. What the hell am I doing?! I am cooking the damn soup! What the hell are YOU doing?!
  11. The issue was well described in the support section of the forum. Currently, the only solution is to wiat for the server to crash or restart.
  12. Yo, you need to provide an adequade description of your problem if you want an answer. Yo.
  13. And what is more, you post things that are completely irrelevant. And completely unimportant. I disagree with every single thing you said. The current plan posits at least some character development, challenge, and cross-realm balance.
  14. Your approach is that you should be given completely everything the minute you log in to the new server, so you can immediatelly cross-realm compete with people who spend some effort on getting their gear? That would be an immediate death sentence to PvP on Sylvanas. Why the hell would I spend ANY time on Sylvanas doing PvP at all, when I can simply create new characters on Greymane, getting everything immediately? Trying to PvP from Sylvanas would mean I would be constantly disadvantaged. Please, think a bit more before you post.
  15. Oh, my comments are usually pretty helpful. But seeing that you already received a very satisfactory expalanation and continued to dwell on the color made me think there is some fun to be had :))