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  1. Grreetings Taelin. This is the Ban Appeal section. Please post the bug in Bug tracker here This appeal will be locked and closed. regards Game Master Amadreea
  2. all class hall chests seem to say that they have been already looted.
  3. Greetings Gavinrad You have received your answers in your ban appeals. I remember you that our staff decisions regarding your situation is not a topic for a forum discussion. If you have things to say in your defense you have the right to do it in the Ban Appeal section. This post is going to be closed now. best regards Game Master Amadreea
  4. Hi Titan and thank you for this post. I'll add some detail. The starting quest for Suramar is taken automatically when a lvl 110 visits Dalaran and is called: Khadgar's Discovery. In order to be sure you drop the correct quests just go and abandon every quest in Suramar chapter from your quest queue. We are sorry for this inconvenience. regards GM Amadreea
  5. client-side mod

    this mod is nice for those doing streaming or machinimas, or RPers.
  6. client-side mod

    Works also on 32 bit client.
  7. Hello Blackhearted Gold beggars exist and always existed. It is a plague sometimes. But you, as a veteran can always use the ignore function or even the block trade if they spam your trade. In your Settings/Interface/Social Actions, you will find block trades. And when you need to trade just unlock it. I agree is a nuisance but this is the best way to discourage such a behavior. regards GM Amadreea
  8. Hello Darkbringer 24 In order to receive technical support please post screenshots and your comments, in a clear order in the specialized area of the forum. See the link bellow Thank you for joining us. Best regards GM Amadreea
  9. Utill then , since a new PC is mandatory, your MB is obsolete already, and the costs are not that low for a new system, you can do as most of low gear people do: take video setings down to 1 or 2, DO NOT play in windowed or Full windowed mode but only in full mode only - windowed mode uses more memory FYI. Also use the battlegraound settings low too. - you will get to 24 - 30 fps by lowering. i know the feeling is not the same but at least you do not move one frame at a time Cheers and good luck at getting a new pc.
  10. Hi Magreeze. From your screen shot it is obvious that you use a lot of adons. I suggest you try as follows: - logout -disable all adons exit game - clean cache log to game and start enabling ONE adon at the time and test if with each ading one by one the issue is present.