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  1. J Just ask a GM to open the door 4head
  2. it makes the server laggy, go do some keys or raid. farming shards lame af
  3. Some people were able to use the 20k+ LP to buy 100's of boxes while others didn't get to obtain LP, and then there's those like me who wasn't even able to spend it before it was removed. Imo give everyone pts so they're all on an even playing field. It sucks that some people have a huge advantage over people who play the game legit. Oh did you dedicate hours each day farming mythics for some titanforge RNG (Since it's 865 base ilvl)? Well sucks to be you cause people just got from 790 to 890 in a few hours of farming those stupid eggs
  4. pumped af
  5. I keep getting random disconnects and Idk why. My internet connection is fine so Idk why I'm dc'ing. It's completely random, while I'm clearing trash in dungeons, or whether I'm pvping I'll get disconnected out of the blue. Even when I'm just running I'll get disconnected. What's worse is after logging back on, it's usually less than 20 seconds before I get disconnected again. I'm not lagging or anything and my fps isn't the best but I've never had so many crashes before, it only started happening 2 days ago and I have no idea why. When I get dc'd I'm able to move around, but everyone else is walking in place, if that correlates to anything. I need help because the way it is now for me is almost unplayable
  6. If only you had an ability that would grant you immunity to damage :thinking: