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  1. when will be the opning of the serveur i mean the date?
  2. first: THE real biuld talent from 7.1.5 Retail doesnt work. (resto driud) secound ; we all know that monks are so overpower then driuds on FIRESTORM with so many proovs u could even top u r mate at 75 demp EZ. 3ed : 2s is unplayble right now cuz DHS with no names are TOP lader nowadays even in 3s . AT the end : monks are overpower then driuds in season 1 FS serveur.
  3. THE bigest news is SEASON 2 POGCHUMPPPP!!!
  4. actualy in pvp stel OP af try it and tell me ^^.
  5. my point is DH are too overpowerd ATM that's my point and i dont the one who says that ask anyone in game maby (talking about pvp).
  6. you talk about buged clases and u play DH come on. and for u r info u were playing with MM too also u cant even cast a true clone on me shame . u r not on my lvl so that my finale msg to you TRY TO NOT BACKPADIEL next time lul.
  7. hmm am not playing buged comp am just playing the game maby if ther is something wrong with my playstyle u feel free to report u talk about buged comp and u actualy playing it and u got farmed by me as DK/BM HUNTER sad for u son.
  8. maby yeah . but they need to put itlike info or smthing dont let pll tryharding for nothing ...
  9. so we heird that ther is no rewards in the s1 legion at the end is that true ?!! if yes what the point to play then ;DDD?!