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  1. cant fix everything, higher risk of being taken down by blizzard. one person decided to fully script the whole game as a server, immediately got taken down. *drops rats*
  2. I logged in now and I got into the PTR somehow some way : D thanks for the link though!
  3. What do you mean client via battlenet? the link they gave us or...?
  4. Downloaded everything you wanted me to, created a 7.1.5 copy, and put files into the folder and replaced old ones. PTR doesnt even open, file size; 26.2 MB (64 bit)
  5. They can't fix some dungeons due to copyright issues from blizzard. They HAVE to keep certain things bugged otherwise blizzard can take them down. If you want to do old raids download their older versions of wow
  6. I LOVE THE NEW PVP SERVER IDEA! I myself played back on warsong in Molten WoW, but that place got hacked and they delted warsong, cant wait for that PvP!
  7. But their giving points :^)
  8. Hi all! I've recently discovered a new technique involving the druid spell Wildcharge (Travel Form) and Noggen fogger! First, you'll need the spell Wild charge, which is found on the talents tab. Purchase Noggenfogger for 25 silver in Gadgetzan , Tanaris. This technique is really useful in battlegrounds with high cliffs, like Warsong Gluch especially. When you jump off a cliff (from either your base, or the enemies base) with your flag, you'll go pretty fast with this combination. HOW TO DO IT First, you'll need to drink noggenfogger until you acquire the slow fall ability from it, which is 14 seconds long, and acts like a mage's ability slowfall. Make sure you're near the cliff. Once you jump off, use wild charge immediately. You will be going at a pretty high speed, and will land you in your/enemy territory. Now you can capture/defend your flag easily! DISCLAIMER Some people will assume you're hacking(?) and will try to report you. Mostly from the opposing team. Defend yourself by saying what you used, and if it does come to the point where you're talked to by a GM, tell them you used this technique, and should let you go. I've experienced at least 2 people assuming I'm hacking, from which I defended myself. PICTURES: (1st one is noggenfogger, 2nd is the talent)
  9. sylvanas

    Nice! Now I'm just waiting for class mounts :^) But glad to see that you guys are working on EN Mythic. Once thats done, we'll see a new raid open up soon, correct? Or will we have to wait for blizzard to do something about that so you guys wont get in trouble?
  10. Yeah, I just hope they add 7.2 and fix it up before release so it can be playable.
  11. Can't wait because once these are done, 7.2 will soon be coming!
  12. Im not sure where to post this, but I just wanna know which password do i have to use in order to disable my authencator on my account? I tried my account password, authencator code, but none seem to work? May I have an admin/gm disable it for me? I wanted to turn it on so i can see how it works, but it annoyed me once I had to keep entering a code again and again.
  13. Yeah, I guess
  14. I finally got connected
  15. Oh, i just got it, the realm list popped up