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  1. Hey, i have a problem I want to get my class mount but i need to do a quest first to unlock the mount questline. The quest i need to do is the one where i must complete the construction of the mage tower but mine doesnt work, i have tried it several time and two weeks later i still cant do it. Can anyone please explain what i can do because i cant get my class mount and i really want it.
  2. WTF, i have tried everything and the enemies still dont appear when im doing legion assaults... Please help!!
  3. Hey I've noticed that whenever I try to do Legion Invasions, the enemies don't appear and I cant do anything, this doesnt happen to me when i do world quests, i have tried to relog and restart my game but nothing works. Please help Thanks.
  4. The servers are really laggy, i know this is launch day and there will be problems but can you please just try to fix this or just give us an explanation.
  5. Yes my friends are also complaining because I introduced them to this server a week ago and they say that every time they startup their wow they have to reset their settings and i understand that its really irritating, it doesnt personally happen to me but i understand their frustration, and now i cant even connect...
  6. Hi There... I have been playing for about 3 months now and have 3 lvl110 chars, and was still playing today. About an hour ago i had to force exit my game because it was glitching out and i couldnt exit it...And now when i try to connect, i put in my email address and password, then it connects and gives me the realm option, when i choose sylvanas, it says connecting for like 30 seconds and then just goes back to the home screen where i have to put in my email and password.... What should i do???
  7. Nvm i resolved it
  8. Hey there, i have been leveling my night elf druid for a while now and i just hit lvl85, i went to pandaria and when i got there, i couldnt take any quests. There were quests but when i try to take it, it just gives me an error and says my quest log is full, but i dont have any quests.... What can i do?? Pls help
  9. Hi ive been trying to collect all of the serpents in pandaria but when i try to kill Huolon in Timeless Isle, it wont let met attack, similar to what happened to Levantus the first time, pls just fix this, i dont want my collection ruined because of this. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, ive killed Levantus 3 times now, where i died just before he was killed and then it didnt count as a kill and i couldnt loot him, btw i was in raid group, please fix this ive spent an hour on nothing
  11. What is up with the constant server disconnections, if anybody could maybe tell me pls do, because im really getting pissed off.
  12. Title: Send a Msg if the server is gonna restart or your gonna fix something Type: In-game Description:  hi, would you maybe implement something where we maybe get a whisper or something when you are going to restart the server or fix something Thanks Rewanco-Sylvanas
  13. hey, we are trying to do Levantus but when whe try to attack him we simply cant... it says he is out of sight
  14. maybe just restart wow and see if that works
  15. it just went offline but its online again