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  1. Boris says I can't benefit from that promotion, I wonder why...
  2. If I remember right is probably 30-60 Donation/Vote points
  3. Season* and probably on next month middle
  4. Obvioulys you do but you gotta pay for it go onto shop tab for more info.
  5. Sorry but I think he meant HOW the raids and dungeons WORK on grommash, Like working ones and Etc
  6. First of all sorry if I do offend you, I personally dont understood you topic because of you grammar, but atleast I know by merging many realms onto one causes many bugs. Also theres tournament and PTR included we cant merge they as well. Here a list of things that gonna occur if we merge realms: -Lag -Mass players -More bugs -Character Bugs -More queue to join -Less improvement of playing perfomance I mean, If you dont understand what I typed, heres an example. If you have an Zoo, and you have Zebras, Lions, Tigers, Sloths and monkeys. You putting they all on same cage? Obvioulys the tigers and lions woulda eat The Monkeys, Sloths and Zebras, And then fight till death. I personally dont want they merge knowing that.
  7. Welcome to firestorm! And I will love see you onto WoD I can't you wait you decide what class and race go, and what realm go . To some its sadly an trick question, what realm shall I start? So to you dont need to ask it again and blah blah blah >.>, So I'm here saying the differences between Tournament And Grommash: Tournament: Good: -Instant Level 100 -30.308 gold to you start you journey on tournament -All the mounts, heirlooms, toys you earn there can be used on Grommash! Bad: -Sadly majority of things on tournament are bugged -Low Population -Bad economy -No active guilds -Garrison Bugged Grommash: Good: -Principal Firestorm WoD Server -Big Population -Unbugged raids -Good Economy -Many Guilds Bad: -Majority of all guilds are unactive and don't help new players -Garrison Bugged -41% Quests Bugged -47% Scenarios/Raids/Dungeons Bugged Hope you evaluate well how you gonna play. See you next time!
  8. Nice guide just beware some corrupted addons that cause CAS problem or #132 error as some know, unless that good job
  9. You need 10x Skyshards to kill alani, or he aint being attacked, since if you find an way to attack he without the shards he will drop nothing, sadly the shards are really rare and hard to get so good luck scavenging.
  10. 1-You cant make that offense to anyone 2-Respect others players so they respect you 3-We cant unbalance or balance pvp Because WOW its not perfect 4-I guess GMs could never make that an bannable offense 5-Please just get the way of PVP by losing some times is not end of world just play nice and you getting safe and sound ^^
  11. Its not unloaded grapichs its firestorm common bug, some monsters dont have their respective models and action againist you so the staff just disabled models and targeting to avoid crashing, if you see invisible mobs but see some raid boss alike invisible try redownloading game by blizzard launcher then installing the firestorm stuff on the folder.
  12. Hey there I'm here to do an very simple question, By the way sorry if my english is terrible. Can we or we can probably be able on future to be able of characters transfers between one account to other? If someone just will say "Staff never adding that" I want staff reply not users, according to fonts, many users tell lies that ruin out game experience by wangling things and etc:. So If resuming the topic, staff will release character transfering <BETWEEN ACCOUNTS>? Reply soon as possible Regards.
  13. If you alliance get to the cataclysm portals on stormwind (Use shadowmoon one) and talk with garrison ford If you horde get to the ritual zone on orgrimmar (Use Frostfire Ridge Portal) and talk with garrison ford. Some parts of garrison are not TOTALLY done yet, Like you cant do some quests or buildings.
  14. Heres an pic I had all my characters from ashran on ashran but theres 0 characters on WOD Please help me peluchy ;.;
  15. Hi My characters on Ashran dont got migrated to here why the heck they dont? D: theres nothing on there ;.; I lost all my characters from wod please help ;.;