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  1. Title: implementation of npc for upgrade item Type: In-game Description:  Actually i can purchase or craft by my self oblitereum to upgrade item crafted to 865 ( actually capped to 850 ) after some test i have noticed that item upgraded to many time reset level to initial craft status ( losing oblitereum and blood of sargeras ) my suggestion is to implement a new npc to put in dalaran to excange item for the version upgraded, like the ring vendor in wotlk dalaran in this manner the use of profession and the use of forge to obtain oblitereum have a sense
  2. Hi to everyone i decide to open this post for warn many new player of actual situation of this server of course this is not the retail ...........and we cant ask to have all working thing like in offy........ but at least give us the possibility to do actually all profession have some problem (example erbalism no plant in tbc , or many quest in legion are bugged ( reported in bugtraker many month ago ) same thing for many other quest or activity like pet collector or mount collector ( i know shop is a way ........ but if i must use real money for obtain a thing i go to retail ) in other shard we dont have this situation ......... shopping is not the only way to obtain a thing , is only a fast way............. for some reason all mop raid and many dungeon are closed.......... boss that gives mount doesnt work or not implemented (wotlk, cata, mop, draenor) 2/3 of quest in legion doesnt work correctly ( dont ask to put them on bugtraker .......... if you dont wont a crash of bugtraker for many segnalation ) and finally in world we can see most of people asking for 7.2............... guys really? i hope to see first all the old thing working , and maybe after to see new bugs sorry for my very bad english ............
  3. all old boss raid have phase in case of illidan 3 phase first fight normal trhow warglaive for fire of azzinoth second fight until stun npc talk 3 kill him in many case if you one shotted the boss he freeze skipping one of this phase , in the case of illidan you can reset going down talking again with akuma
  4. have you heard about copyright ......... stay in a closer version near retail may provoke problem with the blizz
  5. before put new things fix the older in world miss 2/3 of quest on broken isle, almost all quest for profesion ( a way for making money ) are bugged to many class have bug for damage , or heal that cut off 1/3 of their power , or few have the contrary situation with positive nerf above the specific see player with 800 ilvl made above 400 k dps i hope to be not the only one that look for detail and not only for ilvl
  6. update: today i changed for doing the world quest 6 pg on each pg located in dalaran i got this annoyng effect i hope in next fix for a solution to this bug ....... is very frustrating doing all the time alt f4 and unstuck from website
  7. good evening I also carry it here to maximize the visibility of the message, in the last period after the latest hotfix I'm experiencing problems with disembarked islands ....... false spawn points with fatal falls, or access to the flight for unknown destination with the loss of time and sometimes the blockage of the pg that has to be unlocked through the site in the bug plotter tell me how to fly sylvanas bug if you have the same situation add it below Thanks and good game
  8. good to see news for server.......... sincerely i hope to read one day about fix about the thing already released , and no to see more new buggy thing in bug traker many post talk about questline , profession , talent , and many other problem............... i dont wanna belive that solution is to implement new stuff to evade old problem
  9. yeah i know but i presume if many player are asking for fix this thing , staff of this server will take a way for fix them is really bad to see that only fix is for nerfing spec in negative or nerfing in positive class already op before add more thing i prefer to have the old one fixed in a accettable mode ( not asking the same thing of retail , but atleast more similar )
  10. HI i have a small question how is possible to obtain imbued silkwave ( last cloth reagent in legion )if the quest are bugged? i'm asking because in last time i see this reagent sold in ah but , if is not possible to complete the quest.......... where those people get this reagent? actually on a my pg i have complished the quest for obtain the recipe for this reagent ( i have all the recipoe request and crafted the item for the mannequin in the quest in suramar ) but i cannot deliver the quest to the npc gently i ask the gm to find a solution for the bug relative to all profession
  11. hi to all in the last few day i have noticed some strange thing in AH if you try to check for item around itm lvl 840+ you can see many " copy " of the same item dropped in istance from trash sold by the same person now is possible to be correct but a mob can drop a list of item with name and stats different ...... of couse there is the possibility of transaction in AH for obtain monopoly of item, but 12 copy of the same item is very strange i appreciate if the gm check the log for seeking where the item come from or if is possible item copyed by hacks