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  1. No response for over a week, then ticket went through, gm says they can't do anything. told me to put into bug tracker. they assured me saying that they will put in a message alerting them of this issue- no response or action shown still. Then... I figured out the problem that caused it, by coincidence(someone else had the exact same problems as the same class), and fixed it myself. For those having similar issues, it may be from the quest: Rite of Blood. I got stuck in a choking animation by some debuff or skill from the demon; you can do regular things once you're out of combat, but you'll see yourself still being choked by some vines. Getting out of that status is key. For me, the animation was fixed somehow, but I never died after that quest, so the character stayed in that 'status' without looking it. So go ahead and jump off of something and die. It'll be fixed. Thanks for the speedy response and fruitful help, Firestorm!
  2. update: ticket is still in, still not one response from anyone in any form.
  3. For those searching the forums for a solution, I figured it out...abandon the quest and retry, and watch the npc float into the air to finish the conversation. Once you finish this one, you should be able to choose factions and get the hell outta there
  4. ridiculous...the whole pandaren race can't be played because of this bugged quest...and not one response for months?
  5. teleporting panels(?) do not work on my character and my character only. I do not know what has caused this. it happened suddenly. I can confirm that I cannot use the central teleporter in Dalaran (Legion) and the one in Death knight class hall. I have tried submitting a ticket in-game, it says Error Updating GM Ticket. I have not gotten a response in over a day. I have tried cache clearing for whatever it's worth. I have tried abandoning all quests, in case it was preventing something from happening. help... Server: Sylvanas Operating System: Windows 10 Character Name: 군주
  6. Prince Valanar cannot be reached during the questline "Breaking Through" due to teleporting errors. The teleporters from the ground to bottom floor Naxxanar, and bottom floor to roof(?) work fine. However, there is no way of getting into the middle floor, where Prince Valanar is. Quest cannot be completed.