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  1. Jebem za pare!w/me
  2. I think its fkcing time to leave this server already!!!
  3. A lot of new players want to join this server because of boris.My four friends want to join this server but they dont have time for lvling.Give boris!
  4. 7.3.5

    yea graphics are so bad afther update.
  5. very bad update this is not 7.3.5 they said its 7.3.5 because its bait to get ppl to come play on this server!
  6. U must buy from webstore!Firestorm like our money!
  7. I think i will leave this server because of they grid about money!
  8. BOOORIS!!!
  10. Boris will come in may or no?I want to know should i start lvling alts!
  11. why i dont have my main char wtf?
  12. When u will fix or add damn artifact appearances?I mean someone cant buy from website this is totaly bullshit!On wowfreakz all appearances are scrtipted and free!
  13. Anyone else have hp bugg in pvp?Bgs,arenas?