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  1. Title: Wonderful event! Type: In-game Description: Greetings everyone, I want to suggest a new event on our realms (Maybe Garrosh only) because this event will be fun and fantastic. At the beginning, I'd like to tell you all the name of the event, it's " Split or Steal ". Event Overview: The event involves a segment called “Split or Steal” in which two participants make the decision to “Split” or “Steal” to determine how the final jackpot (Jackpot will be gold) is divided. There will be a group consisting of 10 players of either faction because there will be 5 rounds and that's mean 2 players per round. During this event Each player is given a choice of two actions, one each marked "Split" and "Steal," and must secretly choose one to indicate their intentions. The players may speak to each other and ask one of the Game Masters (Selected by the Head of Staff) for advice before making their decision. -If both players choose "Split", they each receive half the jackpot. -If one player chooses "Steal" and the other chooses "Split", the Steal player wins the entire jackpot. -If both players choose to steal, they both will get nothing. The participants typically play for gold. In most cases, both participants will try to convince each other to split as it is the most mutually beneficial strategy. However, this "Split" strategy, while maximizing welfare, is not a stable strategy. Most games end up in either one or both parties defecting. In the former, one player goes home with all the gold (and leaving the other with nothing). Or in the latter, which happens more often, both players lose all the gold and go home empty-handed. Very rarely will both players end up in a "split" scenario. Note: The amount of money (Gold) will be decided by the Head of Staff. Kind Regards, Game Master Otacon.