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  1. what about the extra loot and tokens when you complete it on 3 chest timer ?
  2. Give this man a beer, he speaks with 110% of the truth.
  3. Good afternoon sir, i don't know if it's reported but the desolate host boss is very very bugged , people that gets into the etheral phase can't hit anything and the people outside that phase, in the physical zone, they still receive damage over and over again from the ethereal phase. also the sisters after you kill them (you have to kill them in order to open the door) all of a sudden they enter in combat again (the spirits remaining) and you can't exit from combat until everybody wipes, after that the door closes and you can't pass to the next boss (desolate host) can provide a video to support it
  4. The live changelog looks incredible, it should be top priority with the FIXES for all the other Nighthold Mythic bosses, Spellblade Eluriel, Starboy and i am guessing Elissande and Gul'dan will have tons of bugs too. All good about progression and new expansion but 2 MAJOR things: - Perma Ban those Artifact power abusers - Remove the pay to win, is killing the pve experience.
  5. Loot cap is still at 915 on heroic mode of TOS. fix
  6. Did you Firestorm staff got notified about the ridiculous amount of damage from POWER OVERWHELMING in Chromatus Anomally MYTHIC ? ... also, the orbs are not dodgable as retail, the 2nd set of orbs is too fast and is impossible to go throw the middle because the gap is too small between each orb. Check the damage multiplicators on power overwhelming, is quite impossible to heal it, is probably doing double damage all the time
  7. Your grammar is dying
  8. You should ADD on the description, that you need to use the firestorm launcher for the files to download or download the 7.3.5 patch from the blizzard retail updater. So much negligence here.
  9. bump
  10. i cant wait to report all the bugs, yeeeei
  11. Pacto de los Dioses just killed Odyn Mythic and no loot was given, also we have ID on the fight. I wonder if it will get cleared for saturday when is open
  12. A complete failure as usual, instead of give us a new raid, you don't focus on one thing at the time. We had been raiding Emerald Nightmare for almost a YEAR, and when a new raid comes out, it's complety bug and not funtional. Dont you guys ever test something before releasing it ?
  13. All the new dungeons are too hard, you guys need to test more before releasing. Vault of Wardens 1st boss and Black Rock Hold 2nd boss are a mess