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  1. Would you accept a little friendly "newbie" Hunter? Have been looking for an english speaking guild that is active ,much or less, on Sylvanas for about a month or so.
  2. Moje li da se vkliucha?
  3. Здравей Търся си гилдия за dungeons,raids,pvp и всичко като цяло. Колко човека има в гилдията,говорите ли по teamspeak,skype,discord или каквото и да е .. и може ли да се включа?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion bro but so far i haven't found much luck with guild finder,even actually no luck. None of them respond and only 1 or 2 times i was randomly invited to a guild that is just looking for numbers and im not all about that. This is why i am posting this on the forums.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm a (currently) level 80-ish Night Elf Hunter main,looking for a guild that would like to play with me! I'm open to doing anything..questing,dungeons,raids,battlegrounds and whatever really. I would really appreciate if a mainly english speaking guild could message me (or reply here) telling me what do I need to do to join their guild,play with them and have fun in general! (Also,if you are the type of guilds that just want numbers and nothing else,don't bother. I'm looking for a consistenly playing guild,that is friendly,answers to messages and questions and stuff like that.)