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  1. best way to approve your shard generation its 25% haste, legendery belt and helmet, 3 talant in last tier. We as affliction warlocks must to control this generation, im on single target use only 1-2 shards, sometimes 3 and have 450k dps at end of boss fight. Ofc in nighthold for example only 2-3 bosses without trash near.
  2. anyway destruction warlock shouldn't have any problems with shard generation, you just need high haste cap and right legenderies.
  3. thx alot, ill try
  4. what caps must have? like 30-40% haste, 30-40% crit for destruction?
  5. Thx for information, i'm trying to figure it out how to increase this proc chance. i guess more haste more procs
  6. Hey guys, i have somequestions about affliction soul shards generation. Can someone explain me how it works on firestorm legion? On offical server its works like: Agony still has a rising proc chance for each passing tick that doesn't give a shard. It's currently 2.5% on the first tick, increasing by 2.5% for each tick that goes by without a proc. This increasing value is stored on the player and is shared among all targets with Agony (the effective average proc rate per each tick of Agony is left as an exercise for the reader). Every tick of Agony, a hidden accumulator is incremented. When it exceeds 1, it generates a shard and rolls over the remainder to start the next one. The added value per tick is currently 0.16 on average, with some variance (we'll try to remember to update this since there's no way to see it in-game). Each added amount is divided by the square root of the number of Agonies you currently have active. When you have no Agonies out, the accumulator is cleared. When you next cast one, it's reset to a random value from 0 to 0.99. Is it the same on our server? And another qustion, is sets bonus(1.15 times) works?
  7. Hey boys, who good at destruction warlock, what stats priority and whats stats caps? I want to try this spec.
  8. All reports already created, stop spam topics
  9. Anyway people you also right, becouse we must have equal possibility in gameplay. I trying farm good gear, and I waste my time, but people just dont care about that and donate. We all must waste time for farming loot. Why i waste a lot of time for farming when people just donate their gear(yes i dont have money to do the same and what?). Well i cant understand that.
  10. Nop its corrupt gameplay for newbie players, who have 810-850ilvl. No disbalance? on arena, battlegroun, its huge disbalance. you just lie to yourself, only 20% of all donaters doing like you. And you know new meta right now? people pay 400 golds for all gear 900+(its enough), and selling characters for 800+ gold. You think 100% people going to nighthold, becouse like exploring? Im telling you about global problem, and you will notice this problem soon, when online will be decrease. Game servers gives players the opportunity to donate their gear very rarely, becouse its will corrupt gameplay in game.
  11. So you said that you like and support people who chose better donate 900+ grear then trying to explore nighthold or EN mythic?
  12. Man, ofc i understand that, but what you say about donate loot in store? Is it ok for server to have disbalance possibility like buying loot from nighthold bosess? I know a lot of people who just donate and have 900+ ilvl on character, they dont need any content from server anymore, just donate and have best gear. What you think about that? Dont say about not high level gear, you know that. From loot box you with enough high chance can loot 890ilvl+ items. For what developers doing their job? For free donate loot box? becouse people who donate dont need nighthold, EN anymore.
  13. it's not fair, but man, admins and gms dont care about you and other players. Private server = only business = only money. They even gives people chance to buy high ilvl items, and now people dont know their clasess and tactics have 900-915 ilvl armor from nighthold.
  14. Ah sorry yeah, im newbie in this system, thx for advice.
  15. done. . I hope they fix that.