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  1. Go to different server
  2. Yea you are right... Thanx for sharing your experience
  3. Very disappointed.
  4. help? Admin, GM ?
  5. Im good with buying mounts and cosmetics like pets and transmogs but items ... naah ... i will pay for fixing quests! I will pay 5$ for fixing 20 quests! But you need first to remove that loot boxes and stuff. You can have a loot box with cosmetics or pets or mounts.
  6. I notice that they are selling Blacksmithing as a profession but why i should pay for that when even than i cannot use it in full capacity because i cannot get a hammer that was given by quest that do not exist in this server
  7. Anyone ?
  8. Firestorm facebook page
  9. Are quests for Hammer of Forgotten Heroes works ? And is it another way to get that hammer ?
  10. There is another post. People have a problem to connect with silvanas. I have that problem too. Im stuck at connect
  11. +
  12. Link to the quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=43962/blades-of-destiny So i talk with the NPC but he did not give me a option to get a second artifact. So how can i get it? Is it working at all or Also ive tryed to buy another one from the big guy but it did not work. Please help! Dev Team if this thing isnt working at all or there is no way around please fix this one with big priority. This is kind of A MUST for the DK class. Without it its unfair in fights vs others and it leave DK class kind of crippled
  13. First. Crashes can come from some random errors, timeouts and allot other stuff that can happen. They are not caused by admins. If they do something they notice us in the game and adding a countdown. Second. This is free server. You can leave in any time when you do not like that random crashes. Instead of yelling what firestorm staff need to do you can sit in your butt and start learning some code and than join in firestorm staff and help them resolve this issues. It will be win, win situation They have allot of those Even after QA random crashes can happen one god know why... i think because the amount of people doing stuff causes the crashes. And yea. I voted NO!
  14. 10+ sec. lag.
  15. I hope this is the right spot for my post. Realm: Sylvanas Description: Atm. I can login and enter the world but than everything is with about 10+ sec. lag.