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  1. Lol, send me one or two too...lmao
  2. legit imo
  3. Ok, I Gave it a chance but still, this is cleary not 45% proc. On live servers it is really like 20% I tried to compare it with official and you really "overfixed" it. I wont really accept the fact this is final fixed stage, because it clearly doesn"t. I tried to somehow calculate that by just trying 1000x Obliterate on dummy and using howling blast only when it procs and i was around number 23.38... So i don"t quite think you really fixed it properly..
  4. Well, the proc rate should be 45 or 44%. I am not sure. It used to be like 60% but now it is around 25% in my opinion. I think, they just "OVERFIXED" it and i hope it will be some kind of fixed again.