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  1. @Sam still no increases i guess 912 ilvl now with only 1 legendary that i got from 7.1.5 january , however on my warlock boris 18 hours played got legendary no sense to be honest
  2. Hello , i just want to ask about the legendary drop rate , i oppened 40 loot boxed + farming for a nearly month doing emmisaries daily heroic , raids TOS HC , NM,nighthold NM,HC,MM,TOV HC,EN MM ,battlegrounds , 2vs2 , mythic pluses dungeons for +12 and still no legendary for me , how can i have this bad luck or the system is so broken so random that u can't even drop a thing ? being so desperate right now
  3. legendary upgrade is not working , still old quest
  4. nice a good news as promised , the only thing that is bothering me is the legendaries , some char have legendaries of choice but others have only one even doing all activies for increased chances and still no drop , i wounder how is the drop rate right now
  5. when we will see changes about mythic + depleted keys system ? when we gonna see downgrade for depleted keys , exemple MOS 16 not in time after that we get a lvl 15 for a random dungeon ? thank you
  6. Hello guys , i wanted to suggest something about mythic + keys , since a lot of players have reached a realy high ilvl and full trait , and since it is easy now to clean EN en mythic mode and we have only one key per weak and no body is using player finder for dungeons . i wanted to suggest to remove depleted keys system for exemple if we do maw of souls lvl 16 and we can't finish it on time the key will turn to lvl 15 to another random dungeon and so on , or if we find the diffculty is hard we can reset the key and it will be -1 lvl to avoid depleting the keys and doing nothing all weak . sorry for my bad english thank you
  7. yeah this is annoying no patch notes we need to be aware of changes ...
  8. nice joke dude i'm still one of the top dps i posted this 1 month ago when i noticed the diff be nice next time
  9. i guess R.I.P DK
  10. Hello guys i noticed since yestrday that "howling blast" doesn't proc properly even with 25-30% critique , before it was every 1-2 hits with obliterate u get a proc of "howling blast" now it takes even 5-6 hits without any proc is it a beug or a fix thank you all
  11. which difficulty are these dungeons ?
  12. the Hype is real thanks for ur job firestorm team
  13. This is questionable HOV +14 and check the guy's gears ....
  14. so old players will not benefit from any AK ? ....... maybe it is fair for the new ones but not the old ones
  15. something bothering me new players have 15 artifact knowledge instantly and 3rd reclic slot it took me months to reach 16 AK and 25 trait for 3rd relic is it fair ?