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  1. Lol what like you said they are just talents after all a mage without prismatic cloak vs a mage with it huge difference imo. Gear advantage doesnt really matter in instanced pvps which will cross realm idk whats the big deal with even playing field but thats just me.
  2. Hope thats the case for syvalanas too or from cross realm one side every1 will be 1 prestige and other not. Seems like a uneven playing field to me, The hackers are really gonna suck and looks like they wont ever be gone cuz its infinite instant 110.
  3. legendary

    Well thats real nice to hear hope gms keep tweaking it to blizzlike levels 7.2 leggos were raining from sky in my opinion. Also there is a macro to see how much bonus you on or is that for gms only
  4. legendary

    I just wanna ask if gms are gonna change tweak it till it reaches a satisfactory level. for example will it change when server upgrades to patch 7.2 or 7.3 or even now. see as you can see Right now, in Patch 7.1.5, your first Legendary has the highest drop chance, the second still has a significant bonus, and then you’ll have the same chances to earn your third Legendary as you will your fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on <--- that part clearly doesn't work here the biggest flaw i think its pure luck here which is well meh.
  5. probably cuz of trinkets..they use flask and pre pot twice per fight. Paladin opening rotation is everything messing that up can cause huge dps loss. Some things also don't work like they should here obviously also you have no legendary and trust me leggos are like 50-100k more dps also your artifact is 33 at least 35 and u get 5% more dmg maxed out is a lot more. Also training dummies here are bugged when they reach 1 or 0 hp u do no dmg to them only ur auto attacks do.
  6. to quote Right now, in Patch 7.1.5, your first Legendary has the highest drop chance, the second still has a significant bonus, and then you’ll have the same chances to earn your third Legendary as you will your fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on. Now for comment on mythic raiding.. well personally i think mythic raiding is a huge waste of time very few% of the WOW population does mythic raiding honestly here very few people will play it.... for mythic raiding for example u need a VERY GOOD 20 man roster and trust me that is difficult to get. Not to mention professions need to work 100% For example in mythic u have to change talents! on almost all bosses so inscription must work also combat bug must get fixed too! otherwise people will keep logging in and out and trust me that is super annoying. I'd rather they relase trail of valor or move from this shitty patch to the one new artifact traits but do hope people have fun.
  7. Nothing on the legendary drop rate? its a complete joke and is on pure chance i had to stop playing all my alts and i finally got a shitty legendary on my main that was nice lol. Please make them like retail your first and secondary legendary have super high rate to drop then till ur 4th legendary the chance is still high but after ur 4 th one you get the same chance. On retail even if you play semi casually as long as u do content i.e lfr,emissary,chests u get one every 2 weeks.Please increase it to that.
  8. Well do quests and dungeons. Find quests where it involves in killing a number of things que for dungeons but after 60+ it can get annoying when u reach level 80 u need to take herbalism and mining from profession and level those in vanilla zones it gives u exp and then when u get to 100 (wod) find small mobs to grind they are in every zone really.
  9. 7.1.5 is the patch blizzard start buffing legendary drop rates also luck is definately a factor someone who barely does any content gets 6 and someone who does everything possible getting 0 is pure luck actually they kept messing with the drop rates since 7.1 i am almost 870 now without legendary really not funny anymore
  10. well its simple first legendary is literally a handout also legendary bad luck protection here is bullshit one of my guildies who plays way less than me has guess..6!!!! legendaries and also guildies are receiving it on their alts they never play..get them on emissaries and here i am doing hc en m+ 9's 10's...bleh doin normal en and heroic en over and over on same char its really frustrating it really feels like its a rng and bad luck protection is like non existant however the soft cap seems to be removed so ya..;p .
  11. well according to my test legendary are definately 940 i got 3k str from shoulders even tho it said 1.9k and i think blizz remove that 5% more stat thingy so yea.
  12. Can you confirm ur chest gives 3k int for example can u remove and put it on again and check? Yea actually in retail completing bg can give you legendary even if you lose..yep! completing it matters doesn't look like that here i haven't seen anyone get legendary from losing a bg. Like i said in retail first legendary is really easy to get but here it seems like pure rng which sucks but what can you do..
  13. ok here are all random warriors from pve guild u can check it in game too as i said.
  14. just random people i am linking they all a have 940 and you can check it ingame as well the item gives stat of 940 not 910 the 940 ones give almost 3k! stats thats fukin huge! you can't compete against it. Bad luck protection buff still doesn't match retail then in retail ur first legendary is almost free after that u need to put effort but still first one is really easy and casual.
  15. People are getting legendaries at 940 ilvl and legendaries are still a pain in the ass to get please make the drop rate of first legendary same as retail its essential now pretty much. I have done 100 + mythic pluses i do en normal 4-5 times on the same char(to increase chances) hc 2 time on the same character and still no fucking legendary this really sucks why is the drop rate pure rng still. Feels like bad luck protection is a joke my never played character gets legendary on 2nd emissary and i have done 0 mythic+ did one en rdf on it. Its really hard to get into pugs mythic+ cuz they ask for 870 and its hard to get that ilvl if u dont have legendary and have shitty luck with ur weapon relics...we took a 830 hunter in full blues for boost in en normal and he instant got legendary feels like shit lol. The bad luck protection here seems like a joke feels like its a multiplication not addition idk