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  1. besides in 7.2.x patches nothing (at least 7.2.0 was) only some dungeon and funn stuff update major stuff came with the 7.3.5 and before it was 7.1.5 as valuable patch
  2. its about scripting and animation if the core creator (idk who is it owned- trinity etc so) added or if there is a chance to adding after and if scripter can handle it yes u can see argus in the sky otherwise its only on map not in r view there is certain stuff for 7.3.5 patch class skills, dungeons, raids, traits, talents, etc list goes like that after checking these stuff u can say/ we can say this is its or not hf
  3. well even its bait after these dc stuff ppl will scattered around to other servers or other patches like wotlk etc idk why they close the server then open as stable they announced we tested on ptr etc if this tested version i afraid this week we can't play every 10 min getting dc or 40 min or an hour losing items proggress etc its not good -.-
  4. it probably 7.3.5 ofc we couldn't check yet but i don't think so they adding 7.2.x stuff and saying 7.3.5 after all source coming from emulator creators ain't it ?
  5. i assume its Paladin and u living that problem while fighting with enemy or mob did u write in " Tacker" side instead here bugs and other problems normally adding there
  6. up there u can see "tacker" button try there if u find a bug or looking solution about a bug u need to tell with that way to them its more faster also u can check if someone mention about that before u or not
  7. mails wait 30 days at destination mail then turn back u then wait 30 more days in r mailbox means 60 days meanwhile probably they fix that quest issue if u want to play panda check again or write bug tracker side its more valuable and u can get faster solution than normal forum side also boris unusual stuff once in a year maybe he come so my suggest do not wait boris instead trust r own power ^^ gl, hf
  8. var elbet ama foruma giren az bulursun in game sana ulasmaya calisirim
  9. i was about to ask same thing on web page says " Hello everyone, I have to inform you that the Sylvanas and Greymane realms will be unavailable from 3am CET until 10am CET on the 7th, so that the update for version 7.3.5 is done! " but still server offline is there any info can u share us guys .. ?
  10. srry I coldn't see " edit " button and write a new post I found solution I copied my game under Fire Storm then show the launcher location of files and done
  11. i already have wow legion from official so is there any set logon line for connecting to server because my connection is limited i can't afford to dl with limited connection : /