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  1. Crystal Rose is an Alliance guild with a PvE goals but also a casual PvP , events , and a lot of fun. We are made to share good , positive atmosphere among all members , no matter an officer or a recruit. Main goals are social interactions and PvE with adequate rules and perspectives both bringing positive atmosphere besides game - in discord . Different events and competitions in various themes are also exist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firstly guild was created back in a WoTLK server but after that it got closed and everyone went his own way , but on a BFA realm - we gathered our allies to bring glory to the Alliance and our guild ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main requirements to join us are : - Being atleast lvl 50 - Positive and adequate behaviour - Willing to help and teach - Having a place for fun in your heart - A wish to join guild - Discord ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To join us or for a particular and specific questions - you can always ask a guild creator in game - Void elf mage - Santredis
  2. better fix recruit a friend thing then making stuff that is non-playable ( like it is not classes,quests,raids,bugs it is just menu which shows u smth u dont need.) you can add this type of things after u have all completed. completed what must be completed, like big bugs,raids,quests,class hall, wtf? we have ToS but still dont have class hall campaign. very strange how u spread ur work among your staff.
  3. hello i even cant get this "no realms available" bcs i get windows eror and close the game. it is my problem or your? i mean i need to do smth or all have same problem?