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  1. I have noticed this aswell on my demon hunter character, not sure about the other ones. It might be a demon hunter class hall issue only.
  2. Sylvanas is running 7.1.5 just like most of the free legion servers. About 7.3 I can only say it won't come anytime soon.
  3. There are still at least 2 more raids to be done before 7.2 not to mention another big dungeon and many other things
  4. These dungeons are not accessible through dungeon finder yet.
  5. Certain rare mobs around the Azeroth don't work on Sylvanas while they do on Gul'dan. Same goes for some dungeons and raids etc. (e. g. final boss of the Cataclysm raid, Firelands; Ragnaros is working only on Gul'Dan realm).
  6. Legion flying was implemented with patch 7.2.
  7. If it will work correctly you will be able to access realm list in character selection screen using the realm list button.