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  1. You opened 15 Canopic Jars, so if you got lucky could already have it. Luck is not granted :-) But I do you deduce from not being lucky that it does not drop at all?
  2. In your wow folder delete the file: Interface\FrameXML\SecureCapsule.lua If you are ingame then type in chat: /reload or relog. Mail and trade should work now.
  3. People who have the recipe and I talked to, transferred it from the mop realm. That's all the information the community could provide after many-many queries. Wowhead states it's a 2% drop, so you can expect the random number of s you need distributed around 50. The video states at 0:25 that 20-50 Canopic Jars might be necessary. If it does not drop after 50, I would suspect its a no-drop. After 100 I would take it granted. I hope we don't have to go that far.
  4. Idk. If it would be blizzlike, than its a pretty low drop chance, and a long farm. Did you try the faster Pandaria method explained in the video from the wowhead page ?
  5. In your wow folder delete the file: Interface\FrameXML\SecureCapsule.lua This file is mistakenly included in the torrent that you downloaded, and breaks trading, mailing. If you are ingame then type in chat: /reload or relog. Mailing should work now.
  6. Haha, how silly offtopic answer. Feel a need to share your mental noise? *joke* :-D So here is some noise in response. You know what? I will definitely level my bank alt. A level 98 dh, come on man, wouldn't have I completed mardum and reached level 100 if that was my intention? Looking forward to your delighting self-justifying answer. Peace with you.
  7. Regarding the addons: you need to download them one-by-one for 7.1.5 (or older) client version. There is no automated program to do that.
  8. @darkknight84 first of all delete <Your wow folder>\ The client reads it, but saves to WTF\ Only the latter should remain, and your client settings like email and enabling outdated addons will be remembered. If you want to further improve your login screen, then use the EasyLogin mod: you can store your password in it too. Only use on private computers, that no other person has access to. You can download from!8mJAmSgC!B2oaSOWll8cY6tm11NycBpQOlYjfgmz8CHz0DBoJbO8 Installation info in the readme, includes mod for Legion and WoD client.
  9. This is happening these days too, again or still. It seems the client does not receive the list of characters after logging in. Also after relogging. One day this was the case for 5-10 min, so i had time to try on different computer, same result.
  10. wow expansion

    If you need explanation: u said the same and more rudeness. Are you surprised to hear your own words? Comes around, goes around.
  11. wow expansion

    Appelpastel, would you kindly get lost yourself? It will be appreciated even. Thank you for your contribution.
  12. @Gorbilocks has a 1% drop chance, it can take 100 kills (or more because of rng) to drop the mount. Taken the roughly 2 hour respawn time that means 200 hours of challenging farming: Huolon most of the time spawns too high to reach it with 40yd range attacks, and each time there is the challenge to team up with others rather than competing and wasting time. A tip: when both factions are farming together, it is a working solution that the person pulling Huolon down from the air uses the weakest ranged attack he has, maybe downgraded gear, this way Huolon is not one-hit, and the other faction's player has a chance to tag it. One _tag_ (one spell cast on Huolon) is enough in each _group_ for all players to be able to loot. Sometimes it happens that the corpse cannot be looted, as Huolon does not drop coins and there is a decent chance of no drop at all. In my experience this is not bug, as other team members had some loot. will also take more than a few tries with 1.8% official drop chance. Firestorm drop rates generally follow retail rates, so wowhead is a valuable source of information regarding this topic.