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  1. Firestorm and Ashran communities, I regret that the time has come for me to leave. Unfortunately, things have been piling up for me in real life between school and work. I've been putting off resigning for a while, trying to find time, but it is no longer feasible and not fair to the community and staff to have an Executive who no longer has time to focus on improving them. It is very hard to leave this community after a year of being here, I have made a lot of friends and helped a lot of people, and I truly hope that I can return to the server group in the future. Redemptionn, a very good friend of mine, is more than capable of taking my position, and I'm extremely proud of him for how well he's performed the position of Head Game Master. Thank you all for an amazing experience here, and I hope to see you all again in the near future! <3 David
  2. These things will be enabled once our theme is finished and applied to the forums. We have disabled them to avoid issues when applying the theme.
  3. I was here too, but forgot to post. RIP.
  4. The Firestorm account merge tool is only to merge accounts from Pandashan, Ashran, and etc. It is not intended to merge multiple accounts from one server. Just as you had multiple accounts in one server, you'll have multiple accounts here. You should have known that when you made multiple accounts in the first place that there's no way around it, I think it's pretty self-explanatory...
  5. Hunters are overall OP in WoD. My retail hunter with like a very lazy gold-box full gear set can take down some people with conquest gear.
  6. I'm not new, but thank you
  7. Overrated Hello everyone! :3 Nah, I won't bite. Unless provoked. Or in a playful manner
  8. People banned for heinous crimes against the server (gross misconduct, repeated disrespect and harassment of staff and or others), and in general those with ban reasons that we did not believe would be beneficial to allow back into our community were not going to be unbanned, this was clearly stated on the Q&A area of Ashran's and Pandashan's forums, as well as several other areas.
  9. Howdy Y'all! It's your friendly Executive Texan, Nolam! My name is David, and I'm a Film student at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas (but I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). I play the trumpet in the Longhorn Band here at UT, one of the biggest and best college bands in the country, and play on our collegiate paintball team. I've been with Ashran and Grommash since the launch last year, and can't wait to meet everyone from the other communities! If you see me around just say hi, I don't bite--too hard, that is ;D