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  1. Hello @Narukawa , If you have a problem with a ban, please make a ban appeal and a Game Master will assist you. Regards, Cigatronix
  2. Ooo. I like the idea, maybe it could be an addon idea. Who knows?
  3. Of course! Hope you all had a great April Fools too. I teepeed my friends car for april fools lol
  4. Happy Easter!!!
  5. I have.
  6. However Chat Moderator or GM told you it lasts, or deemed reasonable.
  7. Hello @Lonelym3m, This thread was posted in General Discussion. Staff members do not normally assist problems through General Discussion. Please open a Technical support thread and you will be assisted. *This thread was moved to Forum Archive* Regards, Cigatronix
  8. Hype! Staff team is as excited as you are guys!!!!
  9. Hello @luldemrules, @Lucyloo, Thank you for your input and suggestions. We of course value your opinion, however, if you have a problem with a staff member, flaming is never an answer. Staff members will always have reason to ban, mute, kick, etc. As stated before they are all discussed before taken into action and given proper review and authority to carry out the action. If you have appeals, or you see a staff member doing something wrong, you may report them. *This post is marked as closed* Thank you, Cigatronix.
  10. Hello @joãoscp, You can contact an administrator with a ban appeal to get unbanned from the discord. Regards, Cigatronix
  11. Greetings @FatherFabian, Please open a Technical Support thread for assistance, this thread will be moved to Forum Archive. Regards, Cigatronix
  12. Hello @Losco17 , You will receive faster support through a technical support thread or through our discord, our team will assist you as best as possible. Our administrators are very busy and cannot always respond quickly. Regards, Cigatronix
  13. Hello @omarx, Please open a shop support ticket or create a technical support thread, and our team will assist you as best as possible. Regards, Cigatronix
  14. Greetings @crustie, This is a technical support question, please open a technical support thread to gain further assistance. Regards, Cigatronix
  15. Hello @anieterian, Please keep forums clean, make one clean thread and do not keep posting thread after thread. Thanks, Cigatronix
  16. @Porcosdep This is a suggestion thread, please open a suggestion thread for assistance. Regards, Cigatronix
  17. Hello @brutal2334, If you need any further support please open a Technical Support thread and we will be happy to assist. Regards, Cigatronix
  18. Hello @yeetman223, Please open a Technical Support thread and we'll be happy to assist you! Regards, Cigatronix
  19. Hello @Fask, Unfortunately we currently do not offer a paypal option for payment. *This thread has been moved to Forum Archive* Regards, Cigatronix
  20. Hello @Godlike, Class Hall quests aren't working. Regards, Cigatronix
  21. @ummygummy123 You can make a ban Appeal providing evidence this was the case, and eventually get your account back. Regards, Cigatronix
  22. Hello @NyxTheReaper, If you have the WotLK client downloaded, you can use the launcher to find the folder. Once you've done this, run an Analyze and Repair from the firestorm launcher and it will fix your client and auto-set your realmlist. Regards, Cigatronix
  23. aaa

    Hello @poppinlock, Please report this character using the "Report a Character" sub-forum. Regards, Cigatronix
  24. Hello @YoloStrikeNL, Make a bug report, open a ticket, or submit a technical support thread and you will be assisted by a Staff Member. Regards, Cigatronix
  25. Hello @Snowhard, You can avoid these situations by enabling 2-factor authentication on your profile page on the FireStorm website. Please make a ban appeal if you wish for assistance from a Staff Member. *This thread was moved to Forum Archive* Regards, Cigatronix