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  1. @Aelorion You deserve a metal. A big fat metal.
  2. @Aelorion You deserve a metal. A big fat metal.
  3. Hey again @cerb, Sorry for the late response. Second artifact appearances are achieved through many ways such as reaching max artifact knowledge or achieving them through PvP. Regards, Cigatronix
  4. Just keep questing, you'll find English speaking members eventually.
  5. I believe that he meant a phone number should be optional, but if he didn't, I would much rather it be optional therefore the people who have 5 accounts such as you don't have to keep putting it in or using different phone numbers.
  6. Ooh I'm excited too.
  7. @Elunesmight, Phenomenal thread, applause. I agree with your suggestion, thank you for the tips. I'm sure others will also take your advice. Thank you for your amazing feedback on the server, it means a lot to the Staff Team. Friendly Regards, Cigatronix
  8. Hello @cerb, To gear up, I would focus on attaining relics of course. Increase your artifact level, and gather order resources. Do world quests, and obtain MM keys to start finding groups for raids, that is what you can do to gear up. Regards, Cigatronix
  9. Of course @Lonelym3m, Bbelow is the Firestorm launcher which can be downloaded here: Just click the big Download button at the top of the page. Here is the photo of exactly what to do: Click on the Legion Expansion, then underneath the Download button on the launcher you'll see a - "Already Have it Installed?" button, click that and navigate it to your WoW folder. Next, let that finish, and it will automatically update your folder. After this, click settings Then Analyze and Repair Then click Ok to the pop-up message After following these steps you should be fine. Regards, Cigatronix
  10. No worries bud.
  11. Greetings @Lonelym3m, There are a couple things you'll require to play the server on Firestorm, although if you already have the client downloaded you should only have to run the Firestorm launcher, then navigate to: Settings>Analyze and Repair And this will set the realmlist and add any missing files required to play Firestorm. Regards, Cigatronix
  12. Cheers to that.
  13. Hello @Awesome77, This Vendor issue that despawns after around 10 seconds, which you have stated, is a known bug. You can always report it to bugtracker or up-vote a bugtracker report that revolves around the same issue. The vendors spawn when you mount up with this mount, but they sometimes ride with you and sometimes do not. Regards, Cigatronix
  14. Hello @Stalk3r, The links do not take you to an external page, they automatically start the download into your browser and onto your computer which you will then open and extract the file through a torrent program such as our recommended program - Bittorrent. Regards, Cigatronix
  15. Greetings @Joãoscp, Class Order Halls are currently bugged, but our team is working on solving the problem. I assure you in time it will be fixed. Regards, Cigatronix
  16. Hello @Mrlol99, If you're looking for a farm in MoP I recommend Temple of Jade in the Jade forest, farm the first boss. Regards, Cigatronix
  17. No problem man, have a great day.
  18. Hello @Gvz9, This problem occurs with specific bugged dungeons, apologies for inconvenience. Report it as a bug, or vote it up so it becomes a priority of our developers. The problem should be fixed soon. Also please keep in mind these things are normally posted under the Technical Support section of the forum, please file there for any further support regarding these types of matters. Regards, Cigatronix
  19. Hello FitoMH, I am very happy you understand what you did was wrong, you can make a ban appeal for a GM or superior to see under the Ban Appeal section of the forum. For future refrence, don't use third party programs. Regards, Cigatronix
  20. Happy new year guys! 2018 sounds like a new beginning to me!!
  21. Greetings Takika. If you could go a little more in depth on the problem your experiencing we might be able to assist you better, however our Game Masters and Staff do not give items to players. Therefore, if the item was lost you may report it as a bug to the bug tracker, however we unfortunately cannot replace the item for you. Regards, Cigatronix
  22. Like the rhyme!
  23. If you can I think it would look better if you make "guild" capitalized into "GUILD" sense "ADDICTED" is also capitalized.
  24. Greetings Toreknal, So you're problem was fixed? You forgot to switch back to legion? If you're problem was not fixed please make an in-game ticket and a Game Master should respond to help you out in a timely manner. Regards, Cigatronix