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  1. Salve a tutti, Ho provato a cercare qualche membro di Serendipity ma non ho trovato nessuno..
  2. Thanks!! It runs
  3. I too cannot log from my Mac, I asked for help but none replied. A very poor assistance indeed...I'm looking elsewhere
  4. I receive this one on my Mac (previous version run flawlessly).... Can someone help??
  5. After having installed the new release I cannot connect and receive the warning below. Can you help?
  6. Toc toc there is anyone out there??
  7. Hello everyone! I've tried to upgrade to 7.3.5. on a Mac. I followed all the steps of method 1 but after launching the file Firestorm_Mac the error CAS SYSTEM WAS UNABLE TO INTIALIZE is invoked. Can someone help, please. Thank you so much