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  1. Title: Cross-Faction Rez: Rule Adjustment Type: In-game Description:  " Cross-Faction Healing/Resurrecting: Healing or resurrecting a player from your opposite faction that isn't in a raid, dungeon or sanctuary. " I propose this rule needs an addendum added to it for the Gul'dan realm specifically at least. Being a rather heavy pvp-oriented realm, there are players outside of Stormwind and Org constantly dueling and messing around. If it is not a bannable offense to be resurrected in front of a raid/dungeon, then perhaps it should also be permitted to resurrect people in these specific pvp areas. I believe the concept/logic for having this exception at dungeon/raid locations is the same for these two specific pvp areas. Consider it at least. It essentially costs the server nothing and prevents people from being reported over a minor matter of convenience. Will save you time and gain you more active players at any given time (considering how ban-happy the pvp community is...)
  2. Skuty you should skip all that crap and do this instead: GARRISON START (lvl90): Capital City --> Portals --> Shadowmoon Valley or Frostfire Ridge --> Talk to Big Guy Sounds like you speak english and are playing Gul'Dan? Get into my guild man, find me or someone from Guardians to invite you. It's the best+only english guild worth your time on the server and has more information on how to be strong+good at the game than anywhere else in history of server <3 Hope to see you out there.
  3. To prevent combat bug try killing everything around you consistently. Though sometimes it is unavoidable. Hearthstone will fix it, as will closing the client with an Alt+F4
  4. Sounds like you're phased out and/or have the npcs being "Blue" If they're blue close the game and delete your cache folder (in WoW)
  5. What is the roadblock guys? There is a thriving community here with resources at your disposal
  6. Heirlooms are account bound, so they should be for your entire FS account. I hear tell of people who have looms from Legion
  7. Not all the valor quests work sadly, but many do. The one that says "Win 4 BGs" really means "Win 4 Rated Arenas" btw, so remember that one. Upgrading gear is fine on the server, it's just the simple fact that Valor is the rarest resource on the server (by far). Valor is only available once a month basically. There are a few different kinds of players in WoD Zittla and you have to decide which you want to be. The players that complain and get upset at what doesn't work, they don't last here very long. The players that find the ways the server is BETTER THAN RETAIL and "make their own fun" are the ones that stick around. Likely what you need is community around you. The questions you're asking get answered constantly in the guild "Guardians of Centarus" (largest active english guild). Garrison work orders are entirely functional. You are experiencing some form of bug. I recommend deleting your cache folder and ensuring your garrison is lvl3. But Work Orders function for me in every character. But based on how you phrased this, I think you're talking about g.missions. Those DO disappear if they're above 630ilvl. To remedy that, utilize the antiafk macro (carefully) and develop "Speed Followers" to reduce mission duration time. Find me in game, there's much to teach you.
  8. It's possible the dungeon just doesn't work. Not all of them are scripted. Also be sure to test your difficulty settings, sometimes only Normal or Heroic works and you have to figure out which is functional. Similarly, try and go in with a buddy - sometimes being a party fixes it.
  9. Title: Add Unobtainable Items to Shop or Vendor Type: In-game Description:  SUGGESTION: Create a Vendor which will sell "unobtainable" items for gold or Honor/Conquest/Garrison Resources (whatever) UNOBTAINABLE ITEMS (in order of importance): Arcane Crystal Module (garrison AH) Treessassin's Guise (removes combat bug) Ever-Blooming Frond (epic heals) Oralius' Whispering Crystal (reusable Flask) Moroes' Famous Polish (fun naked toy) Gamon's Braid (toy) Void Totem (toy) Lilian's Warning Sign (toy) Manastorm's Duplicator There are DEFINITELY other items but this is a start. REASONING WHY NECESSARY / HELPFUL The infamous "Combat Bug" is annoying to players on an hourly basis, requiring relogging and waiting. There are in-game abilities like Hunter Feign Death (etc) but there are ALSO items like the "Treessassin's Guise" which would solve combat bug for any and all players. I imagine your GMs get pinged about combat bug and others quite often. Adding these items (and similar unobtainables) would reduce workload and improve player quality of life. I'm happy if this takes the form of an in-game vendor OR as a loyalty Firestorm Shop item. Just want the efficient solution to improve quality of life.
  10. Title: Valor on Gul'Dan (Add to LFR) Type: In-game Description:  Hello there! On the Gul'Dan (WoD) server we are pretty well setup to play as we would. But there is a core resource which is basically unavailable, VALOR! Valor in WoD is used to upgrade baleful, dungeon, raid, and crafted gear up +10ilvls. While not *technically* necessary to the game, it would be nice to have that second layer to character development. I suggest that Valor be added to the following activities: LFR - it granted Valor on retail and should here too Dungeon Finder - heroic dungeons are required for the ring quest, why not incentivize the queue with daily/weekly valor gains And maybe one other place to gain Valor, like if you reach exalted with a faction or kill a World Boss or or or Creating opportunity for people to come together more as a community and incentivize them with Valor, that is my suggestion.
  11. The self-cast of Unleash Elements stopped working beautifully, so I did this hack work around to make it definitely work! #showtooltip unleash elements /target YOUR-NAME /cast Unleash Elements /targetlasttarget
  12. UNLEASH ELEMENTS is minorly bugged here on FS and will attempt to hit whatever you're targeting. It should+will always hit yourself, so I've created a macro to have it do this. #showtooltip Unleash Elements /use [target=player] Unleash Elements (to ensure combat begins on strike) #showtooltip stormstrike /cast Stormstrike /startattack [harm] (show reincarnation CD) #showtooltip reincarnation (dismounts and stops casting before Ghost Wolf) #showtooltip Ghost Wolf /stopcasting /dismount [mounted] /use Ghost Wolf I'll continue to update this thread as I figure out more optimizations.
  13. Does anyone have a bead on how to progress the Ring quest to ilvl680 ring? Solid group of mine today beat Grimrail and Auch with nothing dropping from the bosses (rough). Both dungeons are pretty bugged and the bosses hit almost as hard as mythic difficulty... How can we progress the ring? Is there a thread I missed about this?
  14. I have the launcher yes. Is the download file not working today?
  15. This has worked for me when I get the #114 error. Download and run this exe (nothing nefarious), then close all the windows that pop up after it loads WoW. Then control+alt+delete and close all WoW running instances. Then open Firestorm Launcher and let it to it's thing for WoD. That has solved the #114 error for me and no clue why.