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  1. Hello . My question is when hidden artifact appereances that arents still available like warrior, frost/arcane mage , sub/outlaw rogue , etc. will be available ingame and not via shop only ? And when we will get some old raids to be fixed and open to players to go in and get transmog like BLW , SoO , ToT(full) , raids like HM and BRF arent fully scripted and alot of bosses dont work and in old raids final bosses like Ragnaros in Firelands , Blackhand in BRF , Elegon and Emperors in MSV , Deathwing in DS , Yogg saron and Algalon in Ulduar , etc.dont work either or are there but completely bugged and ukillable like spine of Deathwind .
  2. Rival at 1,1k rating in 2s ? WoW He /She .. i assume its "she" bcuz girls here get huge benefits from "Staff members" if you know what i mean ... so not even the rating of that player is way under the cut for a pvp title she doesnt have the Achievment too .. wtf the only explanation is that you "Staff members" are selling end of season PvP titles .
  3. Fixed Ebonbolt, procs gained while you already have a Brain Freeze active and unused will now be delayed slightly. Got this from the changelog .. ok wtf ... mage dev is actualy retarded ? if we cant use brain freeze proc to shatter ebonbolt that makes ebonbolt basicly useless, spending 3sec to cast an ability that may not crit ? ... thats the main reason blizzard made so ebonbolt gives flurry proc instead of fingers of frost so we can shatter it ... ok fck it in pvp we can shatter ebonbolt with ice nova ... but what in pve ? we have to stack 70%+ crit so we have guarantee ebonbolt crit ? .....when they apply the fixes i was so happy to see that hostile npcs and players get the winter's chill debuff instead of me and i though .. wow they maybe fixed frost mage finaly ... but i was wrong tried to cast ebonbolt and after i cast it i got like 1-1.5 sec delay on the proc that mean the bolt is about to hit the target and there is no way to shatter it with flurry .... This makes no sense .. please fix it .. or dont , i actualy dont expect you to take note from this and we will see the same bullshit for like 2yrs till the new expac comes out and it will start all over again -Firestom We dont care about you or the game , we only care about the money .! P.S In before some kids come here and start complaining about frost mage being op and broken , Please learn how to play your class and how to counter other classes . if you cant do that then you are not viable for pvp .. so go slay some dragons and be a good boy
  4. healing and damage is kinda broken ... did more damage than warr and ret pala combine ..and healing too .. here is a SS
  5. Hmm..interesting, instead of nerfing the damage little bit .. they over-nerf it ... i did 1v2 a WW monk and assa rogue and the WW dmg was way too low and he had more gear than me and i assume he had more traits since he was 5 or 6 prestige.. so yeah they over-nefed it .. though i hope they dont make it broken again
  6. sure thats the reason why hes doing 1m sentence ... if that was working like that originaly every pala on retail would play it ...700k to 1m damage on 20 sec cd .. and dont come out with the shit "well this is not retail" bcz if they followed blizzard changelogs wont be like that and on top of that its current expac and they can get the data easly... they are just lazy .
  7. Oh boy look at this ! PogChamp #Balance http://imgur.com/a/hFIvc
  8. omg stfu monks oneshot in a srun bro in arenas/bgs
  9. @trx123 please dont argue .. damage will get nerfed eventualy so u wont be able to one shot ppl then will become the real fun when ppl start qq about mage and their mobility
  10. easy to say .... u clearly havent play mage in legion .. everything sound good in theory but in practice u get shut down so quickly that u barely even block
  11. we are not talking about avoidable burst i can kite melees (exept Dh cuz hero class bla bla ) all day but not casters . ok tell me how u shut down spamable cc caster that has passive damage reduction , that heals when he do damage + absorb and has a silence + purge ..... he can purge my ice barrier or temporal and am fckd .. if the dump down that stupid damage and make it more realistinc then i can deal with them
  12. have you heard about spell cooldown ? in fact chaos bolt cost 2 soul shard and locks have like 5-6 so i can cs one and block the other .. but temporal is not an option cuz when he cast it and i use temporal heal doesnt come insta i have to use the cancel aura macro but when u get 1.2m chaos bolt and 500-600k shadowburn temporal wont save you and lets dont speak about fear ok i will Will of the forsaken one and trinket other .. but what happens when i get coiled and killed in 2 globals ?
  13. WOW rly ? you can drop ppl from 100 to 0 in 3sec ? and you think this is normal ? ... then you are more dumb than i though. playing op class doesnt makes you good at pvp in any means ... its like to say 5.0 destro locks were good in pvp when they were pressing fear chaos bolt and shadowburn .. same like now ... i cant wait untill "devs" if i can call them like that fix the damage in pvp instances and half of u pve scrubs quit pvp cuz cant oneshot players anymore and the other half run in arenas like lost chiken in the farm
  14. if u consider 1.2 m chaos bolt or 60k festering wound damage per sec dh randomly goes into killing spree and insta kills everything in his path or 100k glacial spike when frost bolt hits harder ok then yea pvp is fine
  15. so keep opening and closing the app till i get in the game ?