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  1. Greetings @Sapoto The very first ban appeal comments were closed directly after they read the appeal as I did not know what I was banned for . Therefore I could not provide the correct evidence, only after they declined and showed me what i was banned for i could fill in a correct statement
  2. Hi guys I want to know how long will it be before I get a response on a ban appeal I am not guilty and it already has been 11 days since I submitted a ban appeal but still no reply it rating season and I can not play the game has eaten my soul its the only game I do play. still got 19 days to go
  3. Title: Character from relam to relam Type: Shop Description:  Hi maybe considering like you can race change a character maybe relam change a character from sylvannas to greymane or the other way around obviously at a Certain F points costin store and certain amount of hours played and achievements reached to justify the character