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  1. LUL
  2. two of them are*
  3. good change, now sylvanas won't be a living meme
  4. @ItsArthurr imagine caring about titles on a realm that has 50 online at peak times.
  5. very nice use of kappa there bro
  6. theres legit 10 bugs per class
  7. whens the people gonna now the real cutoff ? @tweek
  8. paladins are pretty weak compared to resto druid/sham, whiles demo is superior to any other dps
  9. best idea is to not reward people who play with demo locks
  10. so you want to make it blizzlike, but you also don't ? i'm confused.
  11. i'm just referring to you wanting it to be most blizzlike as possible, which basically would imply nobody gets it (fast assumptions)
  12. if you'd want to make it blizzlike, you would also have to install the fact that the players most have done 50 wins or more to qualify, to be in the cutoff, which would make the total count , 100-200(if even). only these few players would be able to count throughs the cutoffs.. needless to say there would be no titles given. so making the cutoff as on retail, on a private server, is possiblity one of the stupidest idea i've heard in a while. no flame ofc :^) "SPOILER" won't suprise me, if you didn't know this..
  13. lul i am the best
  14. the amount of acitivity is astounding