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  1. i have same issue, but meh, im just re-downloading the game... longer but clean way
  2. I can agree with you my friend, about that boris thing. Im leveled up my character by doing quests, dungeons vs. too. I hate to say that but as you know, there will be a boris because firestorm isnt retail. No one can delete that. My point is if there is a boris, everyone must benefit from that npc. You are pulling back the story too much. This is not a crybaby post as you can understand now. Empty comments are now like "we dont like boris" sadly. Thats what im talking about. Also, everyone dropping a legendary eventually tho, you know that. In a week or two. 1 Legendary is not a big deal.
  3. Well we cant know altruist, they might surprise us.. we wrote here, accepting or declining is their choice, we will see..
  4. Hi, whole idea is playing the game already? dont you understand? also, insta 110 lvl is a boost and getting a random legendary is a boost too? one of them is for old, other one is for new players thats the only difference? if i could write here "hey, give us 880 ilvl sets and trinkets!", then your comment could make sense. But not for this. please dont comment empty things on forum. br Drkilljoyzz
  5. Title: Something new for old players about boris Type: In-game Description:  Well as the title says it all... the thing is, old players doesnt need an alt anymore. So boris is so pointless for us. I just talked with my friends in guild about it and ppl wants something new like 1 free legendary.. Its like, when boris came, npc will have 2 options for players. 1) Insta 110 lvl with starting gears or 2)1 random legendary. I know if we could choose our own legendary, that would be dumb. We could pick our best legendary so we dont have to farm legendaries anymore, thats pointless too so, as i said, 1 random legendary or boost. Please think about it.Thanks.
  6. get Anger of Half-Giants pls, im farming it like six months, ty
  7. Im trying to unlock my 4th red color appearance of my dh's artifact weapon(it needs 1000 killing blow). The thing is, some battlegrounds are not counting killing blows. So i played and check every battleground and these ones are not counting killing blows as im noticed so far; Silvershard Mines, Deepwind Gorge, Twin Peaks and Battle for gilneas. Right now, i got 396 killing blows. Also if we count other killing blows in these bugged battlegrounds, im losing 624 killing blows. Well im not pissed or something, you guys trying to open dungeons and mythic raids. This bug is a little one, but some of ppl might be trying to open their weapon's colors for sure. Please fix if its possible. Thanks.
  8. Title: Nighthold gear appearances! Type: Shop Description: I really, really, really want those gear's appearances (demon hunter's second sight gear mythic set). Yeah that instance is not working but maybe you guys can make its gear's appearances? (mythic version gears are best!!) You guys can bring those appearances to shop as 0 armor and 0 stats, and believe me so many ppl will probably buy them.. So thats my suggestion (actually my personal wish haha), i hope u guys can do somethings about it cuz i'll DEFINITELY buy those appearances, %100!!
  9. Yes i did. There is no Deathwalker. Usualy i must sleep right now but im not gonna sleep until its done.
  10. Im so pissed off right now seriously, will somebody hear me today?
  11. Well i purchased that appearance for my dh, and logged and used it. After a little cool movie of changing of my weapon and coming back to normal game, nothing was changed. Same old classic twinblades of the deciever appearance. Now i can get it, there is might be bugs. But even this? Anyway, give my 130 firestorm point or my appearance. Thank you.
  12. Im new at Sylvanas server. I did my first 2/2 artifact research note and it gave me 4 days cd. 4 days passed and it gave me 1 hr cd for redo the research, now i can see research notes near the npc and it says "work order ready" but when i click it, nothing happens. Nothing. I cant see any scroll, i cant do anything. Is it bugged or something?