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  1. recruitment

  2. recruitment

    Good stuff.
  3. I heard this guild sucks.
  4. FTFY
  5. Some staff are OK and some are very overzealous, you really want that leaking into the forum?
  6. AV

    Alterac Valley was eventually disabled on WoD here, hopefully they do the same for Legion.
  7. I was banned permanently from Discord for posting this in #off-topic, which is very mild. Whats up with Staff lately?
  8. I came here over a year ago from Molten. Welcome to the server.
  9. RIP this guild. I'll hold you all in my cold black heart. Y'ALL AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE!
  10. halp pls mi char it buget
  11. Not all will stay. Mythic+ and Raids are distant right now. It is nice for some new content though. Don't worry about it. We're active on both realms and we PvE.
  12. Bump! Still recruiting like always. RIP our #1 rival guild who talked so much shit but couldn't back it up.