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  1. Raid Difficulty: Tomb of Sargeras 10 man normal. Summary of Events: After we defeated sisters , we took the passage just next to sisters of the moon to go to the following boss ; the desolate host. The door opened when we defeated sisters .However, after a few seconds, the door just closed . This bug can be reproduced by defeating Sisters of the moon, taking the direct passage to the desolate host and waiting for a few seconds on the stairs. What should happen on Retail: Once sisters of the moon have been defeated, the door allowing direct passage to the Desolate Host should remain open.
  2. Realm : Sylvanas The problem : As you can see > > when i use the launcher , it gives me an error message saying that the installation is damaged... But on the firestorm launcher when i use the repair function , it still gives me the same error message when i start the wow application. Can anyone help please.