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  1. This...
  2. There are some, yes Thanks for your answer.
  3. Hi, I started to play 2-3 months ago just to relax from College. My pc is bad and old (the game runs at 8 fps on Legion) so I only do low level quests and avoid PvP and Raids. While playing I have been founding a lot, and I mean A LOT, of quests that are bugged or simply don't work for one reason or the other. I have been keeping some kind of lists of these missions but before sitting down and writting them in the bugtracker I want to know if I'm not going to be ignored. I know this server is "end-game oriented" and most of the players don't care for low level areas, so it's understandable if you (the mods) aren't going to take your time from fixing high-level dungeons to fix one of the Worgen's starter missions. I just want to know if I should spend my time on it. Lots of love and keep the good work <3