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  1. My chat is broken, i got a game crash, and when i logged back in i can still see world_en chat everyone else types, but i cannot type anything, i type /1 /2 /3 /4 /5 whatever channel before the message and nothing happens, it doesn't convert to the chat channel like it's supposed to do anymore. i've tried /leave 1-5 and relogging nothing has worked so far.
  2. You can gain 1 level in 10 minutes from 100-110 all the way through by repeatedly killing the worms in High Mountain, it sends you south of the Totem town for a quest, while there there are some worms that have only 230k hp and yield 5k exp out of the 700k needed per level whereas there's bigger worms that have 1200khp and only yield 2.5k exp per kill, these mobs respawn nearly instantly and friendly npcs are attacking them already, it's the fastest and best way to level. The only thing bad or wrong with it at all is they hit very hard, so you might have to stop and eat/regen health after a big pull, but that one pull of maybe 5-7 worms is a whole quest worth or more of exp. I literally did /played and it said 6 minutes on the level and was already at 80% of 109. I quested most of the way to familiarize myself, but i grinded the rest of the way from 105-100 in a matter of about 30 minutes, i could have just started there.