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  1. delete char is best here hf to all and gl in this shit
  2. this is total bulllshit
  3. [Roots of Shaladrassil] ilvl851 is this a joke??? char name SmokedArrow
  4. i am specific have pick the shit is mising
  5. ???
  6. dl full game from (you need only data from this cuz after relog game setings reset) then use fire storm lancher to start game after copy paster data from full instaler to firestorm lancer ones and gg if you have good net its much beter
  7. how meny times you have to dc ppl and roll back this surver?
  8. i know i done it 8times so far but never have problem whit this quest im on legion server btw
  10. its start quest forgarisone resourses it give you 200 [Garrison Resources] when you finish it its from goblin you have to kill 10 pigs or klick on quest item to get it
  11. i have 1 more problem last night me garison quest for 10 chest bugg and i dident get it can you help me?
  12. pffffff and i w8 4 weeeks for this
  13. why when i wisp ppl from guild dont work? this is the problem
  14. /resetchat not work
  15. all of them have it on some ppl i can wisp to others this is imposible