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  1. legendary

    What part of the the GM's reply did you not understand? You're not bugged, nor were you 'skipped over'. As he correctly told you, legendaries are random drops, playtime and ilvl have nothing to do with it. It's RNG-based which means It's possible for you not to get a legendary for months or year if it feels like it, or you can get it within your first minute of reaching 110 simply because of bad or good luck. Btw, the mythic+ key level doesn't do anything to increase your chances so you can literally just farm the lower keys and you will get one eventually...when it will be is all up to luck though.
  2. I'll admit that they tend to be oversensitive when it comes to criticism about the server/shop/development, but in this case they were not. Those bans were well deserved, and anyone with a brain could see why spam and Nazism doesn't get allowed in any game, even as a joke. Just follow the rules, how hard is that? Tell me a game where you're allowed to spam the same crap(Thunderfury crap--hope that meme dies. gj admins for preventing it) and say "Hail Hitler"...I'll tell you; there isn't any. P.S it also has nothing to do with sensitivity and all to do with being a socially-inept, edgy wannabe, straight-A dumbass.
  3. They should. They've added Loot Boxes so why not bring back VIP? It wasn't even P2W, unlike the boxes, so I really don't know why it was removed in the first place.
  4. Did you just have a stroke?
  5. To add onto that; how about fixing the shop and exaggerated currency(Firestorm Gold) prices... and eliminating the character market sales minimuss(why is it there in the first place?). Not to leave out also the ridiculous 25% tax just for selling there, even though they receive 100% from you buying FP anyhow so why does a tax even exist? 5% would've been more reasonable, even though still unnecessary because of the aforementioned reason. Things here are valued at more than they should be, and a lot more than they're worth in a private server. As you mentioned, you don't receive any benefits from donating unlike other servers where you might get permanent exp boost, queue priority, monthly mounts...etc. I like this server, I'll keep playing it and I'd like to keep supporting it but some decisions made are so blunt in being greedy all of which have many better ways of doing so but I doubt they'll fix it.
  6. Most of that is true for a lot of players, regardless of nationality. It has just been heightened because of the new influx of players that Boris brought upon us, but it will soon calm down and eventually those players will hopefully know how to actually play the objective. A lot of people in PVP are simply lazy and hope that others will do the work for them... I recommend you make a premade team and join with them. A 5-man team that compliment each other's class/specs and knows where to go, whom to help or if not to help, will always achieve more towards reaching the objective than a 10 or 20-man team of randoms, and it'll spare you some of the headache. Big groups of people are just difficult to work with for a variety of reasons... I will admit that Latino players seem to be the more toxic ones here, but that might be simply because they are the majority in this server and so will go more noticed than other nationalities. But make no mistake, they're not the only toxic players here. The server just needs more moderation, or at least to create a new team of Chat Moderators to clean things up. I'm sure many would happily join.
  7. Way to be a confronting douche about it. Good job!(not). I have a good pc(4690k, gtx 980, 12gb ram) and 200Mbps internet. 100-150ms is what I'd call average in a private server, and still more than playable. Of course I'd like for it to be better but It's not like they have a huge budget like the retail game and can spend a ton in server upgrade, unless you're willing to pay for it , so we've come not to expect much from private servers in that regard. Also most of it is because of the addition of Boris and eventually it will calm down, as it always happens when these sorts of events end. For most, the bigger issue right now are the constant disconnects rather than the high ping.
  8. 250k dps where exactly? Also what is your spec, talents and primary stats? All of those can make a big difference and It'd be easier to figure out why exactly you're getting such a low dps.
  9. Don't have links for those, but for future reference, in Curse if you click on the "other downloads" option more often than not you'll find the old 7.1.5 compatible version of whichever addons it is you want. As for ZygorGuides(paid addon), the latest one works for me with no issues.
  10. Probably a mix of both... with more points added towards to the latter.
  11. Well then as I added to my comment if that's the case it might just be a bug that came along with the new update.
  12. If you are over AK15 you won't be seeing the quest anymore and the only way to level up will be by placing work orders... if you're not and are not getting it then It's probably just a bug that came with the new update.
  13. Not until 7.2 when It's increased to 40AK levels.
  14. What do you mean by that exactly, how do you not benefit from the AK you already have...? Once reaching AK15 everyone has to obtain higher levels by placing work orders which will take more than a month from AK15 to the max of 7.1.5; AK25.
  15. It was always supposed to be like that, you just happened to play before it was actually implemented. So yeah, It is fair. Plus, on the bright side, now more players will be better equipped to run mythics+ and raids while actually contributing to the group. Win-Win for all in that regard.