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  1. Cry me a river, I go afk whenever the fuck I want to.
  2. Einfach ein wenig Geduld mitbringen...
  3. Deutsche Gilden haben auf Firestorm leider keine Zukunft. Es sind überwiegend Englisch, französisch- und spanischsprachige Spieler unterwegs. Falls du auf der Allianz Seite eine deutsche Gilde suchst, empfehle ich dir "Soulbound". Nette Leute dort.
  4. At very first, stop spamming a hundred topics for one and the same issue. At second, I really don't understand what your issue actually is. Try with english screens.
  5. Thats not an excuse to be honest. The Player Code of Conduct says, that 3rd programs aren't allowed, no matter in what case you used it. Have a good day.
  6. Suramar 33/50 (Meredil)
  7. guil

    Unfortunately, the server had a rollback to an older backup database. I think, you have to get that stuff done again...
  8. There was an issue where some players lost their items. Actually the database is backing up. Be patient
  9. There is a system made for everything. If you want him to level up so badly, just give him the money. Simple as it.
  10. Actually the developers are working on stability issues. They made an ingame alert about that. Just be patient. There will be a changelog available soon.
  11. No front, but why do you need to make an announcment if you dont have any important role for us?
  12. Thanks for your attention. I would get as many proofs as possible to show him how stupid he looks now. We all even know, I wouldnt do anything like this and I am pretty sure this wont be his last try. I think the more problem is not, what they've tried; the more problem is, that they even tried and wont stop doing things like this. In my opinion, what he says about me, I really dont care. But there will always be people which getting stressed and frustrated by people like him who does what Stabbedqtx do. Me as an administrator would prefer to quit 2 people instead of 10 people. But this is not my decision and I dont have any permissions to punish someone, but you all know that he is playing against our rules, and this not for the first time. Like I said: I hope you finally take a deserved punishment against him. EDIT: sincerely, Apo
  13. Good, that you have seen this. And there is another proof, that this is fake. Thanks for your attention.
  14. At least, it is pretty obvious, that this is a bad try of them taking "revenge" on me.
  15. Hello, I want to report a false report on me (Apocalyptik; Alliance player) and Xearo (Horde player). It is about this thread: If you look back some days back, you can see, that Xearo and me correctly reported Stabbedqtx and Síaa. LINKS: It is a little bit strange, that just today (after they both got banned) a report is incoming where me and Xearo allegedly want to sell gold. No accusasion here, but I just wanted to let you guys know. No matter. 4 PROOFS WHY THE REPORT IS FALSE AND FAKE 1 - At first, lets take a look to his report. His forum information says about him, that he is a Gul'dan (Worlds of Draenor) level 90 "Hunter" player. If we take a look to his official screen, you can see, that he is playing a level 5 "Mage" just with the same name. On the spells you can see, that he even does not play legion. (I don't upload all screens here, please take a look here and compare it) 2 - In his horde screen you can see him standing in "Valley of Trials" (Single screen in spoiler) So I did just a horde charakter too and moved exactly to the place where he is and noted, that the "Experience Rate Master" "Toran" is not in his world. PROOF: And please do not say the screen is edited or something. Then just make a horde char and compare it to his officially posted screens. 3 - The chatlogs Please check the database and the chatlog on the time in the top right corner in Sylvanas (I am not playing in different servers). There you can see that I even never wrote with him or someone like him. 4 - Gold This is may not the best proof, but at least it is. I don't even have 200k gold on all my characters added together, poor me. Because I am pretty sure, that this is Stabbedqtx or Síaa, please check his IP. In the screens we cant see any proxy or VPN. So, he maybe used the same IP. I hope you regret that, because if I take a look to the "Player Code of Conduct" you can see following rule: Thanks for your attention and have a great day! sincerely, Xearo & Apocalyptik