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  1. Same problem here.
  2. Fix the damn DK class hall!
  3. No lvling boosts, but u can still use exp boost potions!
  4. Then whats the point of Greymane if it should be PvE too?
  5. U can get it only by lvling, not using lvl boosts or race change! And u have to lvl just one toon, if u make another Velf he will get that tmog and mount even if he's lvl1.
  6. Lvl up! If ir rember right those runes unlocked when i reached lvl 70 or something!
  7. Just click on one of the bats
  8. You will not get any reward for not doing the intro Quest line for Suramar! Npc doesn't appier unless you do questline!
  9. Does Downfall even spawn? I think in 7.1.5. u don't even need the quest for Downfall to drop hidden appearence.
  10. Same question!
  11. Totally wrong,Twitch1, it unlocks @ lvl 15!
  12. Is it possible to get and does it work? On Sylvanas.
  13. Same thing here with tmog items!